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Unlocking Luxury: Discover the Benefits of the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

Elevate Your Financial Experience with Premium Rewards and Exclusive Perks

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the perfect credit card that meets your financial needs and adds a touch of luxury to your lifestyle can feel like hitting the jackpot. Enter the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card, a premium offering from Mashreq Bank designed to cater to the discerning requirements of individuals craving top-tier benefits and exclusive rewards. This credit card isn’t just a piece of plastic for transactions; it’s the key to unlocking a realm of luxury and convenience. Join me as we explore the many advantages of the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card and discover how it can elevate your life.

Key highlights of the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card include:

  1. The card has a competitive annual percentage rate and a minimum monthly salary requirement of AED 25,000.
  2. They waived the annual fee for the first year.
  3. New cardholders get welcome offers, attractive rewards, and loyalty programs for new cardholders.
  4. All cardholders will have complimentary airport lounge access, personalized concierge services, and travel insurance.
  5. Each cardholder will receive Exclusive Dining discounts, lifestyle perks, and special offers on entertainment and shopping.
  6. Complimentary visits to airport lounges, Salaam points rewards program, access to Fitness First facilities, and limousine services for cardholders.
  7. Another benefit of the card is international spends without additional charges or exclusive discounts and offers.
  8. All Credit Card Holders will have access to airport transfer services and supplementary cards for family members.
  9. The bank provides usage guidelines to all Credit Card Holders for responsible and secure card usage.

Brief Overview of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

The Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card offers a range of exclusive benefits and features designed to elevate the cardholder’s experience. With a competitive annual percentage rate and a minimum monthly salary requirement of AED 25,000, this card is tailored for those seeking premium privileges. The yearly fee for the card is AED 700, which is waived for the first year.

New cardholders can use a welcome offer, attractive rewards, and loyalty programs. The card also comes with complimentary airport lounge access, personalized concierge services, and travel insurance, making it the perfect companion for frequent travelers. Additionally, cardholders can enjoy dining discounts, lifestyle perks, and special offers on entertainment and shopping.

Applicants must meet the minimum income requirements and other standard credit criteria to be eligible for the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card. General terms and conditions apply, including payment due date, finance charges, and cash withdrawal fees. With its range of benefits and premium services, the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card is ideal for those looking for a sophisticated and rewarding credit card experience.

Benefits of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

The Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card offers a range of exclusive benefits for cardholders. This credit card is designed to provide maximum value and convenience, from travel perks to lifestyle rewards. With features such as airport lounge access, travel insurance, and dining discounts, the Platinum Elite Credit Card is perfect for those who lead a fast-paced, high-end lifestyle and expect nothing less than the best. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or enjoy luxury experiences, this credit card offers a variety of benefits to enhance your everyday life. Discover the numerous advantages of holding a Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card.

Complimentary visits to airport lounges

As a Platinum Elite Cardholder, you can access complimentary visits to airport lounges through your credit card’s travel benefits. To access these lounges, you must present your Platinum Elite Card at participating airport lounges. The number of complimentary visits allowed per year may vary. Still, Platinum Elite Cardholders are generally granted a certain number of visits as part of the card’s benefits.

There may be some requirements or limitations to be aware of, such as the need to show a same-day boarding pass for a confirmed flight, and any guests accompanying the cardholder may be subject to a fee. Additionally, some lounges may have a maximum stay limit in place.

To be eligible for these complimentary visits, you must hold a Platinum Elite Card and keep the account in good standing. Restrictions and access may vary by credit card issuer, so it’s essential to review your card’s specific terms and conditions. Overall, the Platinum Elite Card provides a valuable perk for frequent travelers looking to enjoy a more comfortable and convenient airport experience.

Salaam points rewards program

The Salaam points rewards program offers various benefits for Mashreq customers, including the ability to earn points on their purchases and redeem them for different rewards. Members can convert their Salaam points to Skywards Miles, the loyalty program of Emirates and Flydubai, or choose from a selection of merchandise, vouchers, and experiences. Customers will also have the option to download the benefit details as a PDF for easy reference.

Salaam points are earned based on a customer’s spending habits. Members earn 5 Salaam Points for every AED spent internationally, 3 Salaam Points for every AED spent on dining and supermarket purchases, and 1 Salaam Point for every AED spent on other local spending. However, it’s important to note that Salaam points cannot be earned on bill payments via Mashreq Online or Mashreq Mobile.

Overall, the Salaam points rewards program offers customers a chance to earn rewards for their everyday spending and provides flexibility in how they redeem their points.

Access to Fitness First facilities

To access Fitness First facilities using your Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card, you must have spent a minimum of AED 7,000 on the previous billing cycle. Upon meeting this requirement, you can enjoy eight complimentary visits per month. Primary and Supplementary Cardholders are eligible for this benefit, and purchases on both cards count towards the spending threshold. To access the facilities, present your Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card at the Fitness First reception and inform them that you are availing of the complimentary visits as a cardholder. This exclusive benefit allows you to maintain your fitness routine without incurring additional costs. Start enjoying the perks of your Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card today and make the most out of your fitness journey.

Limousine services for cardholders

As a valued cardholder, you have access to exclusive benefits, including a 15% discount on chauffeur driving experiences at participating villages when booking a limousine service. To avail of this offer, present your card at the time of booking or use the unique discount code provided to you.

To book a limousine service, contact the participating village where you wish to avail of the chauffeur drive experience and inquire about the available options. Once you have selected your desired service, provide your card details or discount code to receive the 15% discount. Terms and conditions for utilization vary by village, so inquire about any specific requirements or restrictions when booking.

With this exclusive offer for cardholders, you can enjoy the luxury and convenience of chauffeur driving experiences at a discounted rate. Please take advantage of this benefit and elevate your transportation experience with our top-notch limousine services.

Features of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

If you’re looking for a credit card that offers top-tier benefits and perks, look no further than the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card. This card has exclusive features to cater to your financial needs and lifestyle. From luxury travel privileges to cashback rewards and enhanced security features, the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card is ideal for those seeking a premium credit card experience. Let’s explore the exceptional features that make this card stand out from the rest.

International spending without additional charges.

Some of the top credit card companies that do not charge additional fees for international spending are Capital One, Chase, and American Express.

Capital One offers a range of credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, such as the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card and the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card. Chase also offers several credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, including the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the Chase Freedom Unlimited. American Express is another great option for international spending with its Platinum Card and other premium cards that waive foreign transaction fees.

These credit cards not only do not charge additional fees for international spending, but they also may offer additional benefits such as travel rewards, travel insurance, and other perks that can be advantageous for frequent international travelers. It’s important to note that specific offers and features may vary depending on the individual credit card and its terms and conditions.

Overall, these top credit card companies provide excellent options for those who frequently travel abroad and want to avoid additional charges for international transactions.

Complimentary access to airport lounges worldwide

Complimentary access to airport lounges worldwide with the Platinum Elite Card, but cardholders must meet a minimum spending requirement of $10,000 per billing cycle. Each cardholder is allowed up to 4 visits per billing cycle to the lounges at no additional cost. For availing of the complimentary airport transfer services, cardholders have a yearly allowance of up to 2 uses, with a usage fee of $50 per transfer after that.

Benefits of access to more than 1000+ airport lounges worldwide with the Platinum Elite Card include complimentary snacks and beverages, comfortable seating, Wi-Fi access, and dedicated customer service. However, it is essential to note that access is subject to terms and conditions, and availability may vary depending on the lounge and time of visit. Cardholders should also be aware that additional guests may incur an entry fee. Overall, the Platinum Elite Card provides convenient and luxurious benefits for frequent travelers seeking comfort and relaxation before their flights.

Exclusive discounts and offers for cardholders

As a cardholder, you can enjoy a range of exclusive discounts and offers, including ten tickets at VOX Cinemas on Buy1 Get one on Sundays, 20% off at Roxy on weekdays, and complimentary travel insurance for Schengen countries. You can also benefit from Dragon-Pass Dine & Fly Cardholder access, Agoda Hotel Discount, VISA Luxury Hotel Collection benefits, Elite Travel Protection Plan, YQ Airport Meet and Assist Services Discount, and more.

With your card, you can make the most of these special offers and discounts, saving money and making the most of your travel experiences. Whether you’re looking for entertainment options, dining discounts, travel insurance, or hotel benefits, plenty of perks are available to cardholders. Take advantage of these exclusive offers to enhance your travel and leisure experiences.

Access to airport transfer services

To book an Airport Transfer service using your Mashreq Credit Card, follow these steps:

  1. Call the Mashreq Call Centre at least four business days before your travel date.

  2. Provide your travel details to the customer service representative, including your pick-up location, destination, date and time of travel, and any special requirements.

  3. A customer service representative will process your booking and provide you with a confirmation number for your Airport Transfer service.

  4. On your travel day, the chauffeur will arrive at the specified location to pick you up at the agreed-upon time.

  5. Coordinate with the chauffeur as necessary to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey to the airport.

  6. Use your Mashreq Credit Card to pay for the Airport Transfer service and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind with a reliable transportation option.

By following these steps, you can easily book an Airport Transfer service using your Mashreq Credit Card and ensure a hassle-free start to your travel experience.

Membership Details

This section will delve into the various details of our membership program. We will discuss the different membership levels, the benefits and perks of each level, the process for joining or upgrading your membership, and any relevant fees or costs associated with membership. Whether you are a current member looking to learn more about your benefits or an interested individual considering joining our membership program, this section will provide all the essential details you need to make an informed decision.

How to become a Platinum Elite credit card customer

Individuals must meet eligibility criteria to become a Platinum Elite credit card customer. This includes having a minimum monthly salary of AED 7,000. New customers may also be eligible to receive a welcome bonus of AED 1,500 upon approval of their credit card application.

To apply for the Platinum Elite Credit Card, individuals can visit the bank’s website or visit a branch to fill out an application form. Along with the completed form, applicants will need to provide documentation as proof of income, such as recent pay stubs or a salary certificate. Additionally, individuals may be required to submit details of any existing credit cards they hold.

Once the application and documentation has been submitted, the bank will review the information provided and assess the individual’s eligibility for the Platinum Elite Credit Card. If approved, a new credit card will be issued to the customer.

Becoming a Platinum Elite credit card customer is straightforward for those who meet the eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documentation during the application process.

Benefits of having supplementary cards for family members

The eligibility criteria for obtaining supplementary cards for family members includes a minimum age requirement of 15 years. Family members can enjoy various lifestyle, travel, and utility benefits with additional cards. These benefits may include discounts on dining, shopping, and entertainment, access to airport lounges, travel insurance, and utility bill payments.

Both primary and supplementary cardholders can enjoy access to Fitness First with a minimum spending requirement. However, applicable charges may apply for this access.

The primary cardholder can obtain supplementary cards, requesting additional cards for family members through the issuer. Once extra cards are accepted, the primary cardholder may be able to extend rewards program benefits to family members, allowing them to earn points for their spending and redeem rewards.

Having supplementary cards for family members not only extends the benefits of the primary card to loved ones but also offers access to a range of lifestyle perks and privileges.

Usage Guidelines for Cardholders

As a cardholder, it is essential to understand the usage guidelines for your card. Your account may have certain limits on daily, weekly, or monthly spending, and it is necessary to be aware of these limits to avoid declined transactions. Additionally, your card may have specific spending categories, such as groceries, dining, or travel, and it is essential to use the card within these categories to avoid potential fees or penalties.

Authorized users may also be added to your account. Still, monitoring their spending and ensuring they adhere to the usage guidelines outlined for the card is essential. If your card is lost or stolen, it is crucial to report it immediately to your card issuer to prevent unauthorized charges. Similarly, if you need to dispute a charge, contact your card issuer to start the process. Lastly, contact your card issuer for assistance if you need to change your PIN for added security.

By following these usage guidelines and taking proactive steps in the event of a lost or stolen card, you can ensure your card’s security and responsible use.


In conclusion, the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card emerges as a standout choice in premium credit cards, offering many exclusive benefits and privileges tailored to elevate the cardholder’s financial experience. With its competitive features, including complimentary airport lounge access, travel insurance, dining discounts, and lifestyle perks, this credit card not only meets but exceeds the expectations of individuals seeking sophistication and convenience in their financial transactions.

Moreover, the card’s emphasis on responsible card usage through clear usage guidelines underscores Mashreq Bank’s commitment to ensuring the security and satisfaction of its cardholders. By adhering to these guidelines, cardholders can maximize the benefits of their Platinum Elite Credit Card while safeguarding against potential risks.

Overall, the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card stands as a testament to Mashreq Bank’s dedication to providing top-tier financial solutions that elevate the lifestyles of its clientele. Whether jet-setting across the globe or indulging in local luxuries, this credit card is a trusted companion, enriching every aspect of the cardholder’s journey. Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and convenience with the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card today.

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