How to Help Your Teen Thrive: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Learn how to support your teen’s physical, mental, and social wellbeing with these tips from experts and parents.

Adolescence is a time of change and challenge. Teens face physical, mental, and social changes. Teens need to find their identity and independence. They also have to cope with a chaotic and uncertain world. These changes can cause stress and confusion for teens and their parents.

Teens need our help to stay mentally healthy. They need support from parents, teachers, and others. They need a holistic approach that covers their body, mind, and spirit. Also they need to eat well, sleep well, and exercise well. They also need to connect with others, find their purpose, and discover their passions. These factors can help them grow into happy and healthy adults.

Here are some tips for parents to nurture their teen’s mental wellbeing:

  • Be honest and caring: Tell your teen you are worried if you notice something is wrong. Don’t assume or guess. Ask them how they feel and what they need. Show them you are there to help and support them.
  • Listen and respond: Give your teen your full attention when they talk to you. Don’t react or judge. Try to understand their feelings and perspectives. Please encourage them to express themselves and share their thoughts.
  • Stay connected: Keep the communication lines open with your teen. Let them know you are available if they want to talk. Invite them to spend time with the family. Research shows that family time can improve teens’ mental and social development, especially with fathers.
  • Talk about everything: Start honest and respectful conversations with your teen about sex and drugs. Share your own experiences and challenges. Make the talk personal, authentic, and meaningful. Help them make responsible choices and adopt healthy habits.
  • Enable their autonomy: Let your teen make their own decisions as much as possible. Give them information and guidance. Show them the consequences of their actions. Assure them of your love and support no matter what.
  • Set realistic expectations: Help your teen set goals and boundaries that are reasonable and achievable. Don’t pressure or compare them. Praise their efforts and achievements.

A healthy body supports a healthy mind. Teens go through a lot of physical changes during adolescence. They grow taller, heavier, and more robust. They also develop sexually. This is the second-largest growth spurt after infancy. Parents must provide nutritious food and drinks for their teens to fuel their growth. Include protein from plants and animals, such as eggs, lentils, soy, beans, and seeds. Give them complex carbs from whole grains and millets. Add fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals.

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