Saudi Arabia wants to buy part of the IPL, the biggest cricket league in the world.

Exploring Saudi Arabia's Bid to Revolutionize Cricket with IPL Stake Worth $30 Billion

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a yearly cricket tournament in India. It is very popular and makes much money. People from all over the world watch it and play in it. The IPL has also caught the eye of Saudi Arabia, a country in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is thinking of buying a big share of the IPL.

Bloomberg, a news company, reported that Saudi Arabia’s leader, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, talked about this idea when he visited India in September. He wanted to move the IPL into a new company worth about $30 billion and buy some of it. He also wanted to help the IPL grow bigger and play in other countries like some soccer leagues do. Saudi Arabia is trying to do more things with sports, like hosting car races, golf tournaments, and soccer matches.

But the deal still needs to be done, and there might be some problems. The Indian government and the people who run cricket in India have to agree to it. They will decide after the elections next year. The person who leads cricket in India is Jay Shah, the son of Amit Shah, who is a powerful minister and a friend of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The deal might also need to change the contracts for showing the IPL on TV and online. Currently, Star India, a Disney-owned company, has the rights to show the IPL until 2027. They paid $6.2 billion for it, which is $15.1 million for each match. That is more than most soccer leagues and almost as much as the NFL, the American football league.

The IPL started in 2008 and changed cricket a lot. It made the game shorter and more exciting. Each match lasts for about three hours. The IPL has many sponsors, like Aramco and the Saudi Tourism Board, and famous people who own the teams.

The IPL is so successful that other countries have tried to copy it, like the UAE, South Africa, and the US. But none are as big and glamorous as the IPL, which has millions of fans and makes billions of dollars annually.

If Saudi Arabia buys part of the IPL, it would be a big and new thing in cricket. Cricket has always been mostly played by countries that used to be ruled by Britain, like India, England, Australia, and South Africa. It would also show that India and Saudi Arabia are getting closer, especially in business, energy, and security.

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