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Unleashing Innovation: Explore the Galaxy S24 Series and Its AI Marvels

Seamless Living with Samsung's Groundbreaking Smartphone – A Revolution in Everyday Experiences

In today’s dynamic technological landscape, the term artificial intelligence (AI) has long held promise, assuring improved efficiency and productivity. Yet, finding a product that incorporates AI into various facets of daily life has been a challenge. Enter Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Series, a groundbreaking venture that places the power of mobile AI directly into your hands. It can turn routine tasks into seamless experiences.

Key Points

  • Galaxy AI Revolution: Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Series introduces groundbreaking Galaxy AI, seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence into daily experiences.
  • Innovative Features: The Circle to Search with Google feature allows effortless identification of objects through the camera.  Live Translate facilitates real-time language translation during calls or chats. Advanced photo editing tools like Nightography Zoom enhance photography.
  • Pre-order Incentives: The Galaxy S24 Series, featuring a premium design, offers pre-order perks. It includes a Dh500 instant discount, one year of Samsung Care+, a Samsung power adapter, and Samsung 5X rewards points. Pre-ordering the Galaxy S24 Ultra provides a 1TB variant for the price of a 512GB smartphone.

Galaxy AI Revolution

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Series marks the dawn of a new era with the introduction of Galaxy AI. This innovative AI system stands at the forefront of daily experiences, offering many features. From the Circle to Search with Google to Live Translate and advanced photo editing tools like Edit Suggestions and Generative Edit, Galaxy AI seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence into daily life.

Circle it to Find it

Imagine effortlessly identifying a desirable item for sale with a simple circle through your camera’s viewfinder. The Circle to Search with Google feature on the Galaxy S24 Series makes this a reality. It identifies the brand and availability of the item, provides additional details, offers cheaper options, and even allows customization of search parameters without switching between apps. This level of convenience extends to text circling, aiding comprehension without the need to navigate between applications.

Assistance with a Tap

Tackling long articles is simpler with the Galaxy S24 Series, introducing Web Assist and Note Assist features that provide summaries with just a tap. Moreover, Galaxy AI’s Live Translate steps in seamlessly during calls or chats, facilitating real-time language translation, thus creating a seamless two-way conversation if language barriers arise.

Perfect Shots, Anytime

Elevating photography with the Galaxy S24 Series, Nightography Zoom combines advanced zoom and improved night-time photography. Capture stunning shots with a single tap, even in low-light conditions. The smartphone’s editing capabilities receive an AI boost, with features like Instant Slow-mo and Generative Edit providing creative video and image enhancement options.

AI for Everyone

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 boast a premium, slim design with uniformly thin bezels, rated at 2,600nits for outdoor visibility. Pre-order incentives include exclusive gifts such as a Dh500 instant discount, one year of Samsung Care+, a Samsung power adapter, and Samsung 5X rewards points. For those pre-ordering the Galaxy S24 Ultra, a 1TB variant is offered for the price of a 512GB smartphone.

In a world where AI meets everyday life, the Galaxy S24 Series seamlessly integrates innovation into the fabric of your routine. Don’t miss out – pre-order at and elevate your daily experiences.

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