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Nobelium’s Attempted Attack on Microsoft Sparks Concern

Investigating the Notorious Cyber Threat and Its Targeted Assault on Microsoft's Systems

Microsoft revealed that the notorious Russian hacking group Nobelium attempted to penetrate its internal systems, leading to a significant discussion in the tech world. Microsoft describes Nobelium as Midnight Blizzard.

The company revealed this information in a blog post. Additionally, Microsoft disclosed that there were ten times more attack attempts in February than in January. A few years ago, Nobelium shocked the world when it attacked the United States’s primary foreign aid organization, the world-famous USAID.

What is Nobelium?

Nobelium started gaining attention when it took the helm of the world-famous SolarWinds Attack, which took place in December 2020. Microsoft President Brad Smith described it as the world’s biggest cyber attack at the time.

SolarWinds is a reputed IT company in the US. Hackers who broke into the software system of their main product, Orion, installed a virus. The virus then infiltrated the computer network systems of all users who had updated this software.

Orion users magnified the attack’s impact, including 1,000 companies, top US Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, other defense agencies, and law enforcement agencies its user base.

Nobelium angered the entire American cyber security scene. Their ability to subdue the systems of American institutions for nine months and remain hidden without raising suspicion has put the United States in a crisis.

Within the Smokescreen of Mystery

Following this, Joe Biden expelled 10 Russian diplomats for alleged Russian connections in the incident. Like many of the world’s leading hacking groups, Nobelium is unknown. They are hidden in a shroud of mystery. However, it is believed that the SVR, RF a Russian foreign intelligence and spy agency, is nurturing these hackers and arming them against the US. The SVR is the successor to the former Soviet Union’s foreign spy agency, the KGB.

Nobelium is believed to be the infamous Russian hacking group Cozy Bear, which the US describes as APT 29 or Advanced Persistent Threat. Many double names like Dukes, Dark Halo, and Yttrium also know them. The first malware from this group was discovered in 2008 by Kaspersky Lab, a well-known antivirus firm.

Since 2010, they have been actively hacking various organizations. The malware viruses they develop will have a backdoor security flaw that hackers can connect to. These highly capable programs are difficult to detect using an antivirus system.

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