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Gaganyaan Mission Takes Flight: Testing the Future of Indian Space Exploration

ISRO's First Test Vehicle Flight Marks a Crucial Step in Preparing for Human-crewed Space Missions

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has scheduled the first test flight for the Gaganyaan mission on October 21. During this mission, a single-stage liquid propellant-based rocket will carry an unpressurized version of the crew module, simulating the size and mass of the actual module that will carry Indian astronauts.

Testing Mid-Flight Crew Escape System:

This mission aims to test the mid-flight crew escape system as the crew module reaches a height of 17 km. It’s a crucial step in ensuring the safety of future human missions. Additionally, the recovery of the crew module will be practiced when it splashes down in the Bay of Bengal.

Step Towards Human-crewed Spaceflight:

The first test flight is a significant milestone in the development of the Gaganyaan mission. It allows the crew module to reach altitudes beyond what helicopters or conventional flights can achieve, providing valuable data for safety and functionality.

Uncrewed and Human-crewed Missions:

After the first test mission, a second one will be considered based on the data gathered. Two successful uncrewed test missions will precede the first uncrewed flight, where the crew module will be pressurized to simulate Earth’s atmospheric conditions. Only after these successful tests will astronauts be sent into space as part of the Gaganyaan mission.

Preparation for Upcoming Missions:

ISRO is actively working on fabricating and testing the crew module for the next test vehicle mission. This initial test flight will simulate a scenario where astronauts need to abort their mission at 1.2 times the speed of sound, ensuring preparedness for a wide range of contingencies.

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