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Tragic Infections: 14 Children Contract Hepatitis and HIV in UP Hospital Blood Transfusions

Uttar Pradesh Hospital Faces Crisis as Thalassemia Patients Suffer Virus Infections During Blood Transfusions

A hospital in Kanpur has reported that 14 children who were getting blood transfusions for thalassemia have been infected with Hepatitis B, C, and HIV. The doctors said the children now face more health risks because of the infections.

The incident happened at the Lala Lajpat Rai (LLR) Hospital, run by the government. The officials said the problem could be because of the tests done on the donated blood. They said that sometimes the tests cannot detect the viruses in the blood.

The head of the pediatrics department at LLR, Arun Arya, said that this is a severe issue and shows the dangers of blood transfusion. He said they had sent the hepatitis patients to another department and the HIV patients to another center in Kanpur.

The hospital has 180 thalassemia patients who need blood transfusions every six months. The hospital checks them for any viral diseases.
The 14 infected children had received blood transfusions from other places, like private hospitals or district hospitals. Some of them had got blood locally when they needed it urgently.

Thalassemia is a disease that is passed on from parents to children. It makes the body produce less hemoglobin, a part of the red blood cells. It can be treated with blood transfusions and medicines.

Arya said that the infection happened during the window period. This is when someone has a virus in their blood, but the tests cannot find it. He said that this is why the children are in more trouble now.

He also said that the doctors should have given the children a vaccine against Hepatitis B before giving them blood. The 14 children who got infected were between 6 and 16 years old. They are among the 180 patients.

Seven of them have Hepatitis B, five have Hepatitis C, and two have HIV, Arya said. The children come from different parts of Uttar Pradesh, like Kanpur City, Dehat, Farrukhabad, Auraiyya, Etawah, and Kannauj.

A senior official of the National Health Mission in Uttar Pradesh said they will try to find out where the infection originated. They will do this under a program called the Viral Hepatitis Control Programme. They will look for both hepatitis and HIV infections.

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