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Scrap Metal Kingpin’s Last Stand: Noida’s Underworld Exposed

Ravi Kana's Criminal Empire Unraveled as Noida Police Launch Intensive Crackdown

In the labyrinth of the scrap business, where crores change hands, a notorious figure emerges – Ravindra Nagar, better known as Ravi Kana, the kingpin of the scrap metal mafia in Noida. His empire, spanning from fair trade to the murky realms of fraud and embezzlement, has put him in the crosshairs of the relentless Noida police.

Ravi Kana leads a gang of 16 individuals, orchestrating a lucrative trade in the illegal procurement of rebars and scrap metal. Now a fugitive, he and his girlfriend, Kajal Jha, are on the run as the Noida police intensify their hunt. The crackdown has already resulted in sealing assets exceeding 200 crores belonging to the gang operating in the Delhi-Noida region.

In a recent raid at Srikrishna Steels scrap godown owned by Ravi Kana, properties worth 100 crores were seized. The haul included 20 trucks, two scrap-laden trucks, two tractors, 200 tonnes of scrap, ten computers, printers, and records of 60 large vehicles. The government’s efforts to confiscate approximately 400 crores of properties, including four houses in Sunder Nagar, Delhi, are underway.

At the heart of this criminal empire is Kajal Jha, who initially sought employment from Ravi Kana. Swiftly rising through the ranks, she is an integral part of the gang and landed the role of Ravi Kana’s accountant for the stolen assets.

The saga took a dramatic turn when the police raided a three-story bungalow in New Friends Colony, a lavish gift from Ravi Kana to his beloved Kajal. In a frantic attempt to evade arrest, Kajal and her cohorts fled the premises, leading to the sealing of the opulent bungalow.

Ravi Kana’s journey from being an acre trader to a millionaire involved a shift to counterfeiting and extortion. The demise of his brother, Harendra Pradhan, a gangster from Greater Noida, in 2014 paved the way for Ravi to ascend to power. Since then, he has constantly lived under the shadow of death, always accompanied by a phalanx of police officers, as evident in the viral video of him attending a wedding party.

Facing 11 registered cases, primarily involving kidnapping and theft, Ravi Kana and his accomplices are now the focus of an intensified police crackdown. Six members of the gang have been arrested so far. At the same time, raids have unveiled hideouts, materials, and warehouses across Delhi, Ghaziabad, Dehradun, Punjab, and Bulandshahr.

As the Noida police freeze bank accounts and block cards, including ATMs, Ravi Kana and his associates are in a relentless pursuit. Intricately entwined with the scrap business, the underworld unravels its complexities as law enforcement tightens its grip on Noida’s infamous scrap metal mafia. The saga continues, with the police determined to bring Ravi Kana and his cohorts to justice.

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