Understanding Ties: Four-Year Connections and Political Aftermath in Parliament Trespassing

Exploring the Intricate Relationships, Planning, and Political Consequences in the Recent Incident

The recent Parliament trespassing case has taken a mysterious twist with the arrest of the sixth individual involved. Lalit, hailing from Gurugram, Haryana, was apprehended following the arrest of five others. As the investigation unfolds, the accused have been identified as individuals who lived together in Gurugram and allegedly planned the incident.

The Incident

On the 22nd anniversary of the Parliament attack, chaos erupted when two men descended from the visitors’ gallery. And landed among MPs and began shouting slogans. The shocking incident occurred just before the afternoon session concluded. They spread smoke spray in the Lok Sabha, concealed in the shoes of the trespassers.

The accused, Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan triggered fear as they unleashed chaos. Simultaneously, Amol Shinde and Neelam were taken into custody for their involvement in shouting slogans outside the Parliament. Delhi Police revealed that six individuals had lived together in Gurugram and had known each other for four years.

Arrests and Investigations:

Four individuals were arrested earlier in connection with the case. As the investigation progresses, it has been disclosed that the accused planned the protest several days in advance. Delhi Police, asserting that the protestors were acquainted with each other, emphasized the deliberate nature of the incident.

BJP MP Pratap Simha granted a visitor’s pass to one of the assailants. He is now facing controversy as the pass issued by his office was found in possession of one of the attackers. Simha clarified the circumstances surrounding the pass. According to the MP, it was requested by the father of one of the arrested attackers to visit the new Parliament building. He assured the Lok Sabha Speaker that he was unaware of additional information.

Political Fallout

Visitor's Pass Issued by Pratap Simha for Parliament Access
Controversial Pass: The visitor’s pass issued by Pratap Simha at the center of the political storm.

The controversy surrounding the visitor’s pass issued by Pratap Simha stirred political tension. It led to protests by Congress workers in Mysuru. The Congress highlighted the issue on social media, sharing a picture of Simha with Modi. And they are questioning the entry into Parliament facilitated by a BJP MP.

Meanwhile, inside the Parliament, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) intensified its investigation. Senior IB officials conducted inspections and interrogated the arrested individuals. The IB collaborated with the police, visiting the homes of the accused for further searches and seizing their phones. The focus of the investigation includes determining if the accused has any affiliations with organizations and analyzing the recovered documents.

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