Russian Recruitment Scam: Exploiting Unemployment and Threatening Lives

Inside the Deceptive Tactics of Overseas Agents and Their Impact on Vulnerable Individuals

“100 percent guarantee for Russia student visa in 7 days.” “With or without IELTS…Study in USA…Pay Tuition Fee After Visa.” “There is no war here [in Russia] but only in areas along the border. They need manpower to take care of their daily needs, which is where you come in.”

These insincere “guarantees” come from unscrupulous travel agents who have anointed themselves as ‘overseas recruitment experts. Through false advertisements like these, they target unsuspecting Indians eager to work abroad. Agents often lure them with promises of higher wages and better prospects than they could get in India. Many Indians have fallen prey to such job scams, exposing themselves to perils abroad despite paying hefty fees for safe travel.

Ten Indian men, two from Haryana, five from Punjab, and three from Kerala, who alleged via video that they had been duped into joining the Russian army, have released a fresh video demanding a safe evacuation from the Indian government. Meanwhile, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is probing the matter. The CBI has named 15 individuals, including a Russian agent, and four companies in an FIR filed this month. They face charges under Sections 120B, 420, and 370 of the Indian Penal Code.

Here are the travel consultancy firms named in the FIR and how they allure unsuspecting job-seekers, minting money at the expense of their lives.

Baba Vlogs Overseas Recruitment Solutions Pvt Ltd

Faisal Khan, Director of Baba Vlogs, implicated in recruitment scam
Faisal Khan, Director of Baba Vlogs Overseas Recruitment Solutions Pvt Ltd, implicated in recruitment scam. Image credit:

Baba Vlogs” is a “leading job consultancy and recruitment agency in Dubai and India since 2016.” The Thane-based company was registered on August 25, 2023. The directors, accused numbers 10 and 11 in the CBI FIR, are Faisal Abdul Muttalib Khan and Mohammad Sufiyan Dawood Ahmad Darugar.

Faisal Khan is a popular YouTuber who received the ‘YouTube silver button’ in 2018 for reaching 100,000 subscribers. In a now-deleted video, he had said, “It’s not rocket science…There is no war here but only in areas along the border. Here, they need people to take care of daily needs. They need manpower, which is where you come in.”

30-year-old Mohammed Asfan allegedly fell victim to this glib talk, as he went to Russia through Baba Vlogs in November and was tricked into joining the Russian army. Asfan’s brother said he “trusted Baba Vlogs blindly,” but the firm ignored his cries for help.

Faisal Khan told The Indian Express he was “the victim,” having sent 35 Indians to Russia with full disclosure of risks for increased wages. With over 300,000 followers, his YouTube channel has since been taken down.

Adventure Visa Services Pvt Ltd, Ambala

Adventure Visa Services Pvt Ltd advertisement
Adventure Visa Services Pvt Ltd, one of India’s leading immigration consultancies, has come under scrutiny for its questionable practices. Image credit: Instagram

A Google search revealed the company’s LinkedIn profile, which claims it is “India’s No.1 Licensed Immigration Consultancy.” Its website, adventureoverseas. In, has 56 testimonials of “visa success,” 30 of which are for Russia.

The company, incorporated on January 18, 2023, in Ambala, is led by Manjeet Singh Barnala as Founder and CEO. Interestingly, it has changed addresses thrice in five years—from Raipur to Ambala and earlier to Ludhiana. Posts suggest it has processed over 50,000 visa applications for countries like Russia, Ukraine, the UK, and Australia.

The phone numbers are defunct, but old posts promise study visas without IELTS and salaries of up to Rs 100,000 in Russia for 12th-pass candidates.

24×7 RAS Overseas Foundation, Delhi

RAS Overseas Foundation Instagram Ad
RAS Overseas Foundation, a Delhi-based consultancy, is under investigation for its role in sending youths to Russia on student visas. Image credit: Instagram

The Delhi-based company was registered on January 20, 2023, with Suyash Mukut and Garima Balayan as directors. It promises to “make your study abroad experience seamless” and offers MBBS admissions in Russia.

According to reports, the firm has recently sent over 180 youths to Russia on student visas. The CBI is investigating whether they were enrolled or sent to fight.

OSD Bros Travel and Visa Services Private Limited

OSD Bros Travel and Visa Services Pvt Ltd Facebook Ad
OSD Bros Travel and Visa Services Pvt Ltd, a Mumbai-based firm, has come under scrutiny for its promises of guaranteed visas and speedy processing times. Image credit: Facebook

Deepak Kumar and Rakesh Taraknath Pandey run the Mumbai-based firm, which was incorporated on October 14, 2016.. It has branches in Delhi and Thailand. Its Facebook page guarantees that Russian student visas in 7 days. Videos show the founders taking testimonials from alleged clients studying in Moscow. They promised “guaranteed” visas for Canada, even if refused before.

The company’s YouTube channel, boasting 125,000 followers and a ‘silver button,’ promises Russian visas within 15 days for language courses that can be extended later.

Ultimately, stopping the deceitful tactics of shady travel agents who exploit job-seekers’ dreams for better lives is imperative. These firms lure vulnerable Indians with false promises of easy visas. Offers high pay and safe destinations only to endanger them as casualties of the Ukraine war potentially. At the same time, the CBI investigation into agents accused of tricking migrants into joining the Russian army represents a positive step, but much more action is necessary.

Authorities should crack hard on unscrupulous businesses through stricter regulations and enforcement. At the same time, it is crucial to conduct widespread awareness campaigns to educate people about the red flags of these recruitment scams before they fall prey to them. the Indian government must prioritize securing the safe return of any citizens deceived into harm’s way by taking decisive diplomatic actions. Only then can we protect our nation’s job-seekers from exploitation by greedy consultants.

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