Revealing the Parliament Attack: Mastermind’s Shocking Revelation Sparks Investigation

Violence Filmed, NGO Alert, and Burnt Phones - A Coordinated Plan Emerges in Interrogation Statements

New Delhi: Attempting to cover the tracks, Lalit Mohan Jha, the suspected mastermind, allegedly burned the mobile phones of the four main suspects in the Parliament trespass. The action poses a technical challenge for the police in evidence collection, as sources reported by NDTV cite Delhi Police insiders. Lalit Jha claims the phones were destroyed in Rajasthan, an assertion the investigation team is cautiously probing.

Lalit Mohan, who had been on the run since the Parliament attack, surrendered to the police on Thursday night. He filmed the violence on his phone, later uploading it on Instagram and sending it to a Kolkata-based NGO to garner media attention. After this, he hid in Nagaur, Rajasthan, staying with two associates, including Mahesh. The police are now extending the investigation to locate Mahesh, suspecting his involvement in the conspiracy.

The police allege that Lalit Mohan played a pivotal role in orchestrating the Parliament violence, rallying others to join the cause. The six-member group, inspired by Bhagat Singh’s principles and members of the Bhagat Singh Fan Club on Facebook, meticulously planned the protest. Months of preparation preceded the incident, and all arrested members provided identical statements during interrogation, raising suspicions of pre-planning and training.

Chief planner Lalit Jha entrusted Manoranjan with monitoring Parliament entry, and a plan was devised after realizing the lack of shoe inspection. And led to the decision to conceal a gas canister in a shoe, with the canister purchased by Amol from Kalyan, Maharashtra.

The four previously apprehended suspects were granted seven days of police custody. During the Parliament session, Manoranjan jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber and committed violence. At the same time, Sagar Sharma and D sprayed yellow smoke from the visitors’ gallery. Amol and Neelam Devi were arrested outside the Parliament while raising slogans.

Reacting to the security lapse, Union Home Minister Amit Shah deemed it serious, prompting an inquiry committee’s formation. Shah cautioned against politicizing the incident, countering growing criticism from the opposition. The Speaker asserted that the Home Minister need not make a statement, adding a layer of complexity to the evolving narrative.

As the investigation unfolds, the burnt phones and premeditated plans deepen the puzzle of the Parliament trespass, shedding light on the intricacies of the alleged conspiracy. The aftermath brings attention to security gaps, prompting an official inquiry, with political nuances adding layers to the unfolding narrative.

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