Political Intrigue Unleashed: MP’s Custody Battle over Rottweiler Amid Bribery Accusations and CBI Raid Threat

A bitter breakup fuels a legal storm as allegations of bribery, pet dog custody, and a looming CBI raid rock the political world.

A bitter breakup between Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra and advocate Jai Anant Dehadrai has escalated into a legal battle over their pet dog Henry, a Rottweiler. Dehadrai, who accused Moitra of taking a bribe for asking questions against Adani in Parliament, claimed that Moitra locked up Henry inside her residence “to deter CBI from entering.” He said he was worried about Henry’s safety as he was a gentle but protective dog. Moitra denied the bribe allegation and called Dehadrai a ‘jilted ex.’

The former couple gave conflicting accounts of what happened to Henry after they parted ways. Moitra filed several police complaints against Dehadrai for alleged criminal trespass, theft, vulgar messages, and abuse. She also said he stole Henry from her. However, Dehadrai said he bought Henry in January 2021 and raised him since he was 40 days old. He alleged that Moitra kidnapped Henry on 10.10.2023 to harass and blackmail him over his CBI complaint against her on 14.10.2023. He further alleged that Moitra’s lawyer tried to coerce him into withdrawing the complaint in exchange for Henry, which he refused.

Meanwhile, Moitra, who is in her West Bengal constituency, tweeted on Saturday that she received a message about an ‘impending CBI raid.’ She said she was busy with Durga Puja and invited CBI to come home and count her pairs of shoes. She also asked them to file an FIR against Adani for stealing ₹13,000 crore coal money from Indians. BJP MP Nishikant Dubey, who filed the complaint against Moitra, said he moved Lokpal over the matter. He said Lokpal probes the corruption of MPs and Ministers, and CBI is its medium.

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