Parliamentary Chaos: Security Breach on Anniversary Sparks Tensions

Intruders Disrupt Proceedings, Raising Alarms on Anniversary of Historical Attack

New Delhi witnessed a grave security lapse within the hallowed halls of Parliament on the anniversary of the infamous Parliament attack. Amidst the ongoing Lok Sabha proceedings, an alarming incident shook the core of the nation’s legislative sanctum.

Breach Unfolds in Parliament

As the Lok Sabha deliberations were underway, a shocking breach occurred when two individuals leapt from the visitors’ gallery. This audacious act brought the parliamentary proceedings to a sudden halt, leaving a trail of uncertainty and raising concerns about the vulnerability of one of the country’s most secure spaces.

The Intruders and their Tactics

Having breached security, the individuals wielded a yellow spray, further heightening the tension. Reports suggest that MPs were targeted with this spray, and slogans against the central government were shouted. The disruptive act unfolded during a lull in the session, catching everyone off guard. Quick action from MPs and security personnel resulted in the arrest of the two intruders.

Chaos and Confusion

The chaos inside the Lok Sabha escalated as tear gas, reportedly in the possession of the intruders, was deployed. Members of Parliament were swiftly evacuated, with the intruders making their way to the chairs of ruling party MPs. The motive behind this brazen act remains unclear, adding an element of confusion to the already chaotic scene.

Responses and Arrests

A separate protest unfolded outside the Parliament, with smoke devices concealed in shoes. Security forces swiftly took control, detaining the protesters for interrogation. The safety of MPs, including Raj Mohan Unnithan, was jeopardized, leading to heightened security measures within the parliamentary complex.

Critical Voices and Concerns

Congress MP Karti Chidambaram expressed deep concern over the breach, highlighting that the intruders, around 20 years of age, carried canisters emitting yellow smoke. The attempt to approach the Speaker’s chair and the utterance of slogans added an alarming dimension to the incident. Trinamool leader Sudip Bandyopadhyay echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the gravity of the security lapse.

A Day of Disarray and Questions

As the day unfolded in disarray, the breach in Parliament raised critical questions about the adequacy of security measures in safeguarding the nation’s legislative heart. The anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in maintaining the sanctity of these institutions. The swift actions of MPs and security personnel averted further escalation. Still, the incident prompts a thorough review of security protocols to prevent such breaches in the future. In the face of uncertainty, India grapples with the aftermath of a breach that has left scars on the very symbol of its democratic foundation.

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