Parliament Security Breach Sparks Investigation: Committee Formed to Address Public Concerns

Recent Infiltration Raises Questions on Government's Security Measures, Prompting Calls for Accountability and Reevaluation of Protocols

New Delhi: In response to yesterday’s security breach in Parliament, the Center has established a committee led by CRPF DG Anish Dayal Singh to investigate the incident thoroughly. This move comes after an unprecedented breach where individuals infiltrated the Lok Sabha, causing chaos and undermining the government’s claims of robust security measures in the new building.

The committee’s main goal is to find out what went wrong and suggest ways to avoid such incidents in the future. The situation is serious as the opposition protests, demanding accountability and questioning Home Minister Amit Shah.

The opposition claims the government is playing down the incident’s severity, demanding the expulsion of the BJP MP who issued the pass to the attackers and Amit Shah’s resignation. They question if the security check was compromised due to the pass, raising concerns about existing security measures.

The BJP argues that the woman involved is a Congress worker, adding complexity. Amidst the political turmoil, Congress accuses the Center of downplaying the incident. Despite controversy, the Lok Sabha continues its proceedings, trying to reassure the public.

The government says the accused individuals are caught, but questions remain. How did they enter despite strict security? The opposition questions if the security check was relaxed due to the BJP MP’s pass.
MP Pratap Simha, who issued the pass, is in a dilemma. Suggestions are made to issue passes after understanding individuals thoroughly. There’s speculation about the government’s response, considering recent dismissals and national security implications.

Procedures and security checks for Parliament visitors are in place. Visitors need MPs’ recommendations and submit applications a day before, verified at the Central Pass Issuing Center. Despite this, trespassing is a significant security breach, prompting a review of protocols.

The shocking incident of trespassers with smoke bombs questions the effectiveness of security measures. It sparks a broader conversation about stringent measures to protect Parliament.

In conclusion, as the investigation continues and tensions rise, the nation awaits answers and actions to address vulnerabilities in parliamentary security. The incident calls for a reevaluation of security protocols to ensure the sanctity and safety of this critical institution.

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