Parliament Drama Revealed: TMC’s Kalyan Banerjee Mocks Vice President, Captured by Rahul Gandhi

Amidst Opposition Protests and Dhankhar's Outcry, a Political Storm Brews in the Wake of Parliament Security Breach

Trinamool Congress leader Kalyan Banerjee openly mocked Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi recorded the entire incident on mobile. The incident sparked considerable controversy within Indian political circles.

The backdrop of Protests:
The incident occurred against the backdrop of intensified protests by the Opposition. The Opposition aimed to address the serious breach of Parliament security that transpired on December 13. In the morning on Tuesday, Opposition leaders gathered in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue on the Parliament premises. Their collective aim was to raise slogans and press for a statement from Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the security breach.

Dhankhar’s Reaction:
As the clock neared noon and the Rajya Sabha reconvened, Chairman Dhankhar expressed his visible upset. Directly addressing a Congress leader, he vehemently expressed his disdain for the recorded act. Dhankhar characterized the entire incident as not just “shameful, ridiculous, and unacceptable” but also questioned the apparent lack of limits in the political arena.

Chairman’s Plea for Good Sense:
Amidst this heated exchange, Dhankhar made an emotional plea for good sense to prevail. He specifically pointed out the unparliamentary act of recording a suspended MP engaged in protest. Moreover, he underscored the distinct roles of the Chairman, Rajya Sabha, and the Speaker. The gravity of the situation became even more apparent in his impassioned plea.

Controversial Mimicry:
The contentious episode, captured vividly in the video clip mentioned by Dhankhar, showed Kalyan Banerjee surrounded by other Opposition leaders. In the clip, Banerjee ostensibly impersonates the Rajya Sabha Chairperson, making sarcastic remarks. Intriguingly, Rahul Gandhi is also visible in the footage, seemingly recording this act.

Dhankhar’s Expression of Disappointment:
Dhankhar, expressing his profound disappointment, made a clear distinction between political differences and the mockery of essential parliamentary institutions. He lamented the degradation of the Chairman’s institution, particularly emphasizing the questionable tactics employed by a political party.

Response from TMC and Congress:
In response to the allegations, Kalyan Banerjee brushed off the incident, asserting that he is a Lok Sabha member and doesn’t follow Rajya Sabha proceedings. TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh jumped to the defense, accusing Dhankhar of biased actions within the Rajya Sabha.

The controversy has intensified existing fault lines within the political landscape, raising valid concerns about the sanctity of parliamentary proceedings. As the nation watches these unfolding events, critical questions emerge about the expected etiquette from elected representatives. And the responsibility they bear in upholding the dignity of parliamentary institutions. The aftermath of this incident remains uncertain, leaving an indelible mark on the ongoing political drama within the country.

Experience the intensity firsthand—click play to witness the controversial act that has ignited a political firestorm in the heart of Parliament.

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