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Kejriwal’s Courtroom Clash: ED Custody and AAP Corruption Allegations

Unveiling the Showdown Over Corruption Charges and Political Vendettas

New Delhi: In the liquor scam case, the court extended the custody of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s ED Custody to four more days. ED requested seven days of custody from Delhi Rouse Avenue court. However, Kejriwal will remain in ED custody until April 1st. The ED counsel argued that there is evidence that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) used bribe money in the Goa elections. Meanwhile, Kejriwal argued in court that the ED was trying to destroy his party. He told the court that no court has convicted him, and the ED’s arguments for arresting a chief minister are weak.

Legal Arguments and Counterclaims

Additional Solicitor General SV Raju said Kejriwal had hired large lawyers on his behalf, a facility only available to some. Raju stated that Kejriwal was not arrested because he is the Chief Minister. Instead, there is evidence that Kejriwal demanded 100 crores. SV said the money received by BJP as per the Kejriwal allegations was unrelated to the case. Raju stated that the real scandal was revealed with the ED’s investigation. He was responding to Kejriwal’s allegation that the case came after. The Aam Aadmi Party took bribes and used them in the Goa elections. Additionally, ED stated that they have documents regarding using money for Goa elections through Hawala routes.

Arvind Kejriwal, Senior Advocate Adv. Ramesh Gupta was present. SV Raju and Special Counsel Soheb Hussain appeared for the ED via video conference. SV Raju told the court that the extracted digital information needed verification. He also said Kejriwal was giving evasive answers to the ED’s questions, deliberately not cooperating with the investigation. SV Raju said exercise officers from Punjab have been asked to appear.

Kejriwal was produced in Delhi’s Rouse Avenue court at the end of ED custody. He attacked the ED directly, bypassing his lawyer. Kejriwal informed the court he had a few things to say, and the court allowed it. Initially, the court asked Kejriwal to write down what he wanted to say, but he insisted on conveying it directly.

Kejriwal’s Defiant Defense: Challenging Allegations and ED’s Tactics

Kejriwal told the court that four statements from different people were insufficient to arrest him. The case has been ongoing for over two years, but he has not been found guilty by any court. While Kejriwal said people were being made witnesses and forced to give statements, the ED opposed it.

He did not oppose ED’s remand request and said could be detained long enough. However, Kejriwal claimed the ED aimed to destroy the Aam Aadmi Party by creating a smokescreen of corruption around it. The court asked Kejriwal why he did not provide all this in writing, but he insisted on speaking. The court clarified that he would be allowed up to five minutes.

Kejriwal told the court the policy was implemented with all approvals. He was not accused on the CBI chargesheet, and ED’s action was taken by threatening witnesses. So far, 200 witnesses have been summoned, and the ED has threatened to arrest them, witnesses including even children, Kejriwal said. He questioned where the alleged 100 crore corruption money was if it existed.

The ED intervened when Kejriwal bypassed his lawyer and started speaking directly. They told the court that Kejriwal was put on a show and was arrested not because he was the chief minister but because he was involved in corruption.

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