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Kejriwal’s Arrest and ED’s Interventions: Unraveling Key Questions

Delving into the Unusual Arrest, AAP's Dilemma, and Potential ED Investigations

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest in Liquor Policy Corruption Case as a crusader against corruption sends a clear message to the opposition. This arrest signifies that enforcement interventions will continue in the country even during the Lok Sabha elections. The Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) swift action has left the country’s opposition in awe. The BJP will likely defend itself by saying the action is in the context of court rulings. However, the ED has made an unprecedented intervention in Delhi.

Kejriwal’s Arrest and Its Implications

When Kejriwal was Delhi’s chief minister, the ED detained him. Kejriwal is a leader who rose to prominence on a platform of fighting corruption. Being detained during his tenure as Chief Minister, and before the Lok Sabha elections made him the nation’s first such arrest. The arrest suggests there won’t be any ED idleness during election season. The Supreme Court will hear arguments on this matter tomorrow, and its ruling will be significant.

In connection with the case, the ED has already arrested AAP leaders Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh, the party’s communications in-charge, Vijay Nair, and some liquor businessmen. Telangana BRS Leader K. Kavita was also arrested last week. The ED said Kavita conspired with AAP leaders, including Kejriwal and Sisodia. Following Kejriwal’s arrest, he followed Sisodia, Sanjay Singh, and Vijay Nair to jail. No major leaders will be left to lead the Aam Aadmi Party, as the top three are already in jail.

Central Agencies’ Actions During Election Period

The ED action raises doubts about central agencies’ interventions during the election period. The central agency is investigating the case of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s daughter, Veena Vijayan. Meanwhile, the possibility of ED reaching this case remains active. After Kejriwal, the question of which Chief Minister is close to the ED’s scrutiny is also active. This is why Trinamool is coming forward with the remark that democracy has been subverted. Another leader under ED Redar is CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury. It raises questions about whether the ED will look at CPM political leaders.

ED recorded Kejriwal’s arrest after interrogating him for an hour. It is reported that the Supreme Court has yet to accept AAP’s request for an urgent hearing tonight. The ED said Kejriwal will be produced in court on Friday and remanded in custody as he is not cooperating with the interrogation.

After the arrest, a huge protest occurred before Kejriwal’s residence. The police arrested the protesters and removed them from the place. Apart from Manish Sisodia, former MP Sanjay Singh and K. Kavita, Kejriwal is the fourth prominent person to be arrested in the case.

Arrest and Case Background

After the Delhi High Court rejected the request for protection from arrest, the enforcement team reached Kejriwal’s house with a search warrant. A large police force has been deployed outside the house. It is reported that 12 ED officials are in Kejriwal’s house. In connection with the liquor policy corruption case, the ED summoned Kejriwal eight times, but he did not appear. Kejriwal filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the High Court’s action, which did not stop the arrest. The arrest was made while demanding an urgent hearing.

The policy to transfer liquor sales and transactions under various Delhi government agencies to the private sector took effect on November 17, 2021. After VK Saxena took charge as governor, the allegation of irregularity in granting licenses was directed to be investigated.

The case was registered after the CBI gave a preliminary report showing irregularities. The liquor policy was withdrawn on July 31 last year due to controversy. The main allegation is that financial concessions were granted to licensees after the tender process.

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