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Delhi in Turmoil: Kejriwal Unveils BJP’s Covert Scheme

A Political Saga of Allegations, Intrigue, and the 'Mai Bhi Kejriwal' Campaign

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal alleges the BJP is executing a secret plan to topple the AAP administration in Delhi. This is due to the BJP’s fear of the AAP leader. The strategy is an outrageous offer made to seven AAP MLAs in exchange for their defection. The offer includes 25 crores of rupees each and a BJP seat in the election.

Key Points:

Kejriwal contends that the BJP’s plan extends beyond mere political maneuvering. Following his claims, the BJP leadership conducted secretive discussions with AAP legislators. And forewarning them of impending arrests linked to the Delhi liquor policy case. The supposed intention was to create chaos following Kejriwal’s arrest, coupled with enticing promises of financial incentives and political prospects for those willing to switch allegiances.

Fearless by the allure of this offer, Kejriwal asserts that all 21 MLAs involved steadfastly rejected the BJP’s advances. This, he insists, stems from the BJP’s inability to conquer the AAP in democratic elections. It prompted them to resort to covert tactics aimed at sowing discord within the Delhi government through unfounded allegations of liquor fraud.

“I am not the target of the investigation into the Delhi liquor policy case; instead, it is a calculated move to topple the Delhi government,” boldly declares Kejriwal. He emphasizes that such attempts to subvert its governance have consistently failed.

The conspiracy came to light after the BJP’s victories in the Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh assembly elections. However, Virendra Sachdeva, the BJP’s Delhi unit chairman, denied these shocking claims. And advise BJP counsels to learn from their recent election losses. He also advises the party to refrain from disseminating misleading material. The investigation into Kejriwal’s alleged involvement in the liquor crisis, according to the BJP, is genuine and wasn’t staged.

In a strategic countermove, the AAP launched the ‘Main Bhi Kejriwal’ campaign, seeking public opinion on whether Kejriwal should resign if arrested or continue governing from jail. The party positions the BJP’s actions as an elaborate conspiracy to entrap AAP leaders. It alleges that they are framing false cases by misusing power to destabilize the government.

Senior AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj, at a campaign event in Kalkaji, asserts: “The BJP’s desperation to resort to false cases indicates their fear of Kejriwal. They recognize their inability to defeat him in the Delhi elections.”

As the ‘Main Bhi Kejriwal’ campaign unfolds, the AAP endeavors to unveil the supposed “dark truth” behind the BJP’s conspiracies. And rallying public support against what they perceive as political machinations. The campaign involves widespread distribution of leaflets. And enlightening residents about what the AAP calls baseless cases against its leaders.

Despite the BJP’s dismissal of these accusations and its prediction of a double defeat for the AAP in upcoming elections, the ‘Main Bhi Kejriwal’ campaign remains undeterred. After its conclusion on December 20, all gathered opinions will be presented to Kejriwal. It may add another layer of complexity to this gripping saga of power. Allegations and counter-allegations will continue to captivate the political landscape in Delhi in the coming days.

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