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MP polls: Union Minister Tomar’s son in hassle over viral video

Union Minister Tomar's Son Caught in Scandal - Impact on High-Stakes Polls

A video that indicates the son of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar talking about big amounts of cash has gone viral on social media. The video has created a political storm in Madhya Pradesh, where the assembly elections are occurring.

The video, which is minutes long, shows Devendra Singh Tomar, the son of Narendra Singh Tomar, having a video call with another. In the call, Devendra asks the other person to transfer crores of rupees from someone else. He mentions five one-of-a-kind bank accounts for the cash switch. He additionally talks approximately separate transactions of Rs one hundred crore, Rs 18 crore, and Rs 21 crore.

The video became leaked on social media just weeks before the assembly elections. Narendra Singh Tomar is a senior BJP leader and the Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. He is likewise contesting from his domestic constituency of Dhimini in Morena district.

The Congress, which is the primary opposition party in Madhya Pradesh, has seized the possibility to attack the BJP and Narendra Singh Tomar. The Congress has demanded that Devendra Singh Tomar must be arrested and that the Election Commission, the Enforcement Directorate, and the Central Bureau of Investigation need to probe the issue.

The Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate stated that the video was stunning and that it uncovered the corruption and black money involved within the BJP. She also said that Narendra Singh Tomar needed to surrender from his post till the investigation was over. She accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being silent on the difficulty and wondered about the links of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and different ministers with the case.

The BJP brushed off the video as fake and fabricated. Devendra Singh Tomar has filed a complaint with the Morena police station, claiming that the video was made to tarnish the image of his father. He has also asked the police to take away the video from social media and block the applicable URLs under the Information Technology Act.

He stated that the video spread incorrect information, created a bad image of him, and gave an opportunity for the opposition to attack him. He denied that he or any of his circle had received this type of quantity of money. He additionally stated that he was prepared to stand any inquiry and cooperate with the government.

The BJP spokesperson Rajneesh Agrawal stated that the video was a desperate attempt by way of the Congress to accuse the BJP and Narendra Singh Tomar. He said that the Congress turned pissed off through the popularity and development works of the BJP in Madhya Pradesh. He additionally said that the people of the state would not fall for such reasonably-priced hints and would vote for the BJP.

The police have registered a case based on Devendra Singh Tomar’s complaint and started the investigation. The police have not yet shown the authenticity of the video or the identity of the individual on the other side of the call. The police have additionally no longer found the source of the video or how it leaked.

The Election Commission has yet to take any movement on the matter. The EC has said that it’s waiting for the document from the district election officer and the chief electoral officer. The EC has additionally said that it will take suitable action according to the law and the model code of contact.

The Enforcement Directorate and the Central Bureau of Investigation have not yet commented on the issue. The ED and the CBI are the important agencies that deal with cash laundering and corruption crimes. The Congress has alleged that the ED and the CBI are under the manipulation of the BJP and that they will not act against Narendra Singh Tomar or his son.

The video has added a new twist to the MP polls, which are being visible as a close contest between the BJP and the Congress. The BJP is seeking a fourth consecutive term in governance, while the Congress is hoping to return to power after 15 years. The MP polls are also vital for country-wide politics, as they’re seen as a semi-very last earlier than the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The video has positioned the BJP on the defensive foot and given a boost to the Congress. The video has raised questions about the credibility and integrity of the BJP and its leaders. The video has also exposed the space between the BJP’s claims of preventing corruption and the reality of its moves.

The Congress has attempted to capitalize on the video and make it a chief election problem. The Congress has tried to paint the BJP as a party of the wealthy and the corrupt. The Congress has additionally attempted to link the video with the farmers’ protests and the monetary disaster and accuse the BJP of being anti-people and pro-company.

However, the video may not be enough to change the outcome of the MP polls. The video won’t have reached all of the citizens, mainly in the rural regions, where internet penetration is low. The video can also not have a long-lasting effect on the voters, who can be encouraged with the aid of other elements, along with caste, religion, nearby issues, development, and welfare schemes.

The MP polls are predicted to be a close and difficult battle between the BJP and the Congress. The results are expected to be declared on November 10. The video may additionally or might not affect the final verdict, but it has absolutely delivered greater drama and suspense to the MP polls.

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