Woman Dies During Risky Home Birth, Husband Charged with Murder

Police Investigate Acupuncturist's Role After Health Minister Decries Preventable Tragedy

Thiruvananthapuram: In a tragic incident that mocks Kerala’s excellence in healthcare, a woman and her newborn baby died during childbirth at Karaikkamandapat. The woman’s husband, Niyas, will be charged with murder, announced Health Minister Veena George. She told the media that it was a preventable home birth tragedy and serious crime had occurred. The Nemam police have registered a case of unnatural death and started an investigation.

Investigating Husband and Acupuncturist

The police said they will decide after the investigation whether Shihab, a native of Venjaramood who runs a clinic in Bimapalli where he gave acupuncture treatment, should be named as an accused. Meanwhile, ward councilor Deepika came forward with serious allegations against Nayas, a resident of Poonthura. Deepika alleged that Nayas ignored multiple warnings about the danger, even though the woman’s previous births were via C-section. Deepika also revealed that Nayas said his wife was trying to have a standard delivery after watching YouTube videos.

Attempted Home Birth Goes Wrong

Niyas forced his wife Shamira to give birth at home without modern medical care. He is also accused of mistreating health workers who advised seeking treatment. Shamira had previously given birth to two children, both delivered by C-section. When she became pregnant for the third time, police say her husband Nayas decided modern treatment was unnecessary and that acupuncture would be sufficient.

At the same time, police revealed Shameera was Nayas’s second wife. His daughter from his first wife studies acupuncture. Reportedly, this daughter was also present during Shamira’s delivery. Police have started investigating all relatives present at the time, including the daughter.

This heartbreaking case underscores the continued need for access to quality maternal healthcare and caution against unscientific medical advice. As the authorities investigate those responsible, the loss serves as a grim reminder of the risks involved in home births without proper medical supervision, particularly for high-risk cases. The tragedy in Kerala should prompt serious reflection on how to support new mothers better and avoid further home birth tragedy. At the same time, the justice system will determine accountability for this act that stole the lives of a mother and child.

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