Whispers in the Shadows: NIA’s Unraveling Pursuit of Justice

From Phone Calls to Hidden Hideouts - The Clues That Expose Popular Front's Complicity

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is intensifying its grip on the root of the Popular Front. Investigations surrounding the case of Sawad, the prime accused in the horrifying incident of a professor’s hand being chopped. NIA’s latest move aims not only to apprehend Sawad but to dismantle the defensive cocoon meticulously woven around him by Popular Front activists.

The investigation takes a sweeping arc, extending its scrutiny even to the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). The focus is not solely on the crime but delves into the intricate layers of the cover-up that allowed Sawad to evade justice for an astounding 13 years.

NIA has unearthed that Popular Front workers played a pivotal role in shielding Sawad during his years in hiding. Their careful assistance raises questions that demand answers. Who were the guardians of Sawad’s secret existence? And where did the fugitive start during his fugitive journey? As the investigative spotlight sharpens, the authorities seek to unravel the timeline of Sawad’s purported international travels and his eventual return to Kerala.

Shocking revelations surface, including the assertion by Sawad’s father-in-law that he unknowingly sanctioned his daughter’s marriage to Sawad eight years ago, oblivious to the Kaivet case against him. This disclosure adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, prompting NIA to scrutinize the circumstances surrounding Sawad’s marriage and the potential collaboration of those involved.

The pivotal moment in the investigation unfolded with the apprehension of key Popular Front leaders. Their arrests triggered a cascade of crucial information that provided a breakthrough. A significant breakthrough came when a relative of Sawad received a phone call in Kannur. The call intercepted on an out-of-state worker’s mobile became a vital element in the NIA’s pursuit. This call eventually led the investigative trail to Sawad’s doorstep, culminating in his arrest after extensive surveillance.

Sawad, operating under the alias Shah Jahan, managed to lead a double life, marrying in 2016 under a false identity. The intricate truth of deception extended to the concealment of his true identity from his family, residing in Valapattanam, Iriti Vallak, and later Mattannur Berat. NIA’s thorough investigation aims to dissect the layers of Sawad’s secretive life, including the role of his unsuspecting wife and family.

The complex narrative further unfolds as documents and addresses provided by Sawad’s wife for renting the house become central to the investigation. Asha, his wife, left without revealing essential information to the landlords when she moved to Berat while pregnant. The birth certificate of their youngest child became a pivotal piece of evidence, confirming Shahjahan as Sawad.

Sawad’s shadowy existence was spread across three locations in Kannur, with each move orchestrated with the assistance of individuals linked to the Popular Front. The intricate dance of concealment unfolded over five years in Valapattanam Manna. And two years in Iriti Valakkot, and nine months in Mattanur Berat. Popular Front connections facilitated not only the acquisition of housing but also Sawad’s pursuit of carpentry as a skill.

His journey from Valapattanam to Berat intertwined with the amputation case verdict, signalling a change in location. NIA is determined in its pursuit, tracking Sawad’s movements even as he made plans to relocate once again. The investigative team’s journey took them through Kannur town and Valapatnam, dispelling the misconception that Sawad had ventured abroad.

As the investigation progresses, the enigmatic veil surrounding the Popular Front’s involvement in Sawad’s escape continues to unravel. NIA’s relentless pursuit not only seeks justice for the heinous crime. But it aims to expose the intricacies of a network that shielded a fugitive for over a decade. The narrative remains complex, and the search for truth presses forward, dismantling the layers of deception with every revelation.

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