Veena Vijayan’s Mysterious Visit to SFIO: Unraveling the Mystery

Speculation Abounds as Tamil Nadu Intelligence Confirms Veena's Arrival at SFIO Office in Chennai with Lawyers, Leaving Questions Unanswered

Chennai: Amidst swirling speculation and mounting anticipation, media workers assembled outside Chennai’s Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO), expecting Veena’s show up before SFIO. Their focal point of attention was Veena Vijayan. She is the director of Exalogic Company and the daughter of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. She finds herself embroiled in a monthly bribery case under intense scrutiny.

However, as the hours passed, their hopes diminished as Veena failed to show up at the SFIO premises. Despite assurances from intelligence officials in Tamil Nadu regarding Veena’s presence, journalists stationed outside remained frustrated. They were unable to catch even a glimpse of her elusive figure.

Speculation Intensifies with Court’s Decision

Adding further intrigue to the unfolding drama, recent developments in the Karnataka High Court have only stoked speculation surrounding Veena’s rumoured covert visit. Meanwhile, the court decisively rejected the plea to halt the investigation. Whispers abound that Veena may have secretly slipped into the SFIO offices to provide her statement. The fact that SFIO maintains its sole office in Chennai within South India adds to the air of mystery shrouding the affair. 

The ongoing probe encompasses Veena’s company, Exalogic, the Kochi-based black sand company CMRL, and the state-owned PSU KSIDC. The setback faced by Veena in the Karnataka High Court suggests that the legal battle is far from over. Murmurs of a potential appeal linger in the air. Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports from Malayala Manorama suggest Veena’s presence at the Chennai office further fuels speculation.

Unraveling the Veiled Visit

Sources close to the investigation hinted that Veena arrived at the SFIO office with her legal counsel early Monday morning under a veil of utmost secrecy. Despite persistent inquiries, neither Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan nor Veena’s husband, Muhammad Riaz, have come forth. They haven’t confirmed or denied these claims, leaving the authenticity of the reports hanging in the balance.

Beyond the mere absence of Veena, what truly captivates the public imagination is the notion that she may have gone to great lengths to conceal her presence at the SFIO office. The clandestine nature of her purported visit only adds layers of complexity and intrigue to an already convoluted investigation. As speculation continues to swirl, the mystery surrounding Veena’s actions deepens. It leaves many questions unanswered and fuels further speculation about the true nature of her involvement in the ongoing probe.

As things stand now, they resemble a high-stakes court thriller, with Veena at its centre, navigating perilous waters with extreme caution. As the story progresses, viewers wonder: What more mysteries await to be revealed? The ongoing probe will likely cast a long shadow over Chennai’s and other cities’ power structures. Only time will tell.

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