Veena Vijayan’s Legal Maneuver: Filing Petition in Karnataka High Court against SFIO Probe

Challenging Central Authorities: Petition Targets SFIO Investigation amidst Legal Battle

Thiruvananthapuram: The spotlight intensifies as Veena Vijayan, daughter of the Chief Minister, takes decisive action in response to central investigation agencies inching closer to her company, Exalogic. The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) is now probing Exalogic. Veena moved swiftly, filing a petition in the Karnataka High Court. She is seeking a stay in the investigation related to the Veena Vijayan SFIO probe.

Key Points

  • Veena Vijayan, daughter of the Chief Minister, is taking legal action to halt the SFIO investigation against her company, Exalogic.
  • Central investigative agencies are intensifying their focus on Veena Vijayan amidst probes into financial irregularities, including scrutiny of evidence from the CMRL.
  • The Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) secretariat pledged legal and political support to Veena Vijayan amid mounting scrutiny and impending revelations.

The petition names the Central Government and the SFIO Director as opposing parties. This is filed through legal representation by Manu Prabhakar Kulkarni. The move follows a recent setback for Exalogic when Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation’s (KSIDC) petition in the Kerala High Court faced scrutiny, prompting questions about transparency.

As the investigation at KSIDC concludes, attention turns to Veena Vijayan, signalling her urgent need to halt the impending inquiry. Arun Prasad from SFIO is currently scrutinizing the evidence collected. The revelations from CMRL add complexity to the unfolding saga.

Central Agencies’ Focus Intensifies

As the net tightens around Veena, central agencies endeavour to locate her for questioning, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. Union Minister of State Meenakshi Lekhi stressed the importance of cooperation with investigations. It highlights the need for transparency, even among those from political families.

The SFIO’s investigation into the monthly bribery controversy promises significant revelations with evidence. It suggests illicit CMRL transactions and illegal payments to political entities and individuals. As the probe delves deeper into financial irregularities, attention turns to Veena Vijayan, who is poised to be interrogated first.

Political Support Amidst Scrutiny

Meanwhile, the CPM secretariat pledged legal and political support to Veena Vijayan, framing the controversy as a transparent transaction between the companies. However, with mounting scrutiny and the spectre of imminent revelations, Veena’s fate hangs in the balance amidst the swirling allegations and legal manoeuvres.

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