Veena Vijayan Investigation Unveiled: Kerala High Court’s Directive Sparks Legal Turbulence

Latest Developments in Central Probe and SFIO Inquiry Ripple Through Political Landscape

Kerala High Court has issued a directive to the centre. The directive demands the production of documents pertaining to the ongoing investigation into allegations swirling around the company owned by the Chief Minister’s daughter, Veena Vijayan. The court’s decree comes on the heels of the central government’s revelation that a thorough investigation is currently underway.

Advocate Shaun George, representing the petitioner, told the court of an intriguing aspect. Despite the ongoing central investigation, he disclosed that the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) under the Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs had faced no hindrance in its parallel inquiry.

The central agency had previously initiated an investigation into Veena Vijayan’s Exalogic company. The Registrar of Companies, operating under the Central Government, had kickstarted an inquiry into the allegations surrounding the CMRL company. The order, emanating from the Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs, centres on scrutinizing the funds received by Veena Vijayan’s company. A comprehensive report is mandated to be submitted within a stringent four-month timeframe. The oversight is entrusted to a three-member for Veena Vijayan investigation team.

Varun BS, Deputy Registrar of Companies from Karnataka, K.M. Shankara Narayanan, Chennai’s Deputy Director, and A. Gokulnath from Pondicherry ROC constitute the formidable trio leading the investigation. The need for a detailed probe arose after initial irregularities were unearthed during a preliminary investigation conducted by the Registrar of Companies in Bengaluru. The ongoing investigation spans not only CMRL, a Black Sand
company, but also includes the Industrial Development Corporation, a prominent public sector entity.

The complexity of the case deepened when the Income Tax Interim Settlement Board flagged an unauthorized payment of Rs 1.72 crore from CMRL to Exalogic. Exalogic vehemently defended itself, asserting that the funds were remitted for legitimate services rendered.

Into this convoluted narrative, Congress leader and MLA Mathew Kuzhalnathan injected fresh allegations. Kuzhalnadan contended that CMRL, backed by the Industrial Development Corporation, was involved in inflating costs and concealing profits. Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) holds a substantial 14 per cent stake in CMRL. Kuzhalnadan accused CMRL of camouflaging transactions worth crores of rupees.

As legal proceedings unfold, allegations and counter-claims paint a picture of intricate financial transactions and political intricacies. The court’s demand for documents intensifies the spotlight on the investigation, underscoring the high stakes involved. The twists and turns of this legal saga continue to captivate, leaving political observers and the public on the edge of anticipation. In the complex terrain of legal battles and political manoeuvring, only time will unravel the truth behind the labyrinthine allegations encircling Veena Vijayan’s company and the broader implications for the political landscape in Kerala.

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