Veena Vijayan Faces ED Probe: Hinting A Possible Arrest Soon

Investigation Intensifies After Karnataka High Court's Verdict: Implications for Kerala Politics

Kochi: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has registered a case related to the Masapadi issue involving Veena Vijayan’s company, Exalogic. The ED case against Veena was initiated by Kochi unit of ED. This development means that anything can happen in Kerala at any time. The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) is currently investigating the matter. ED is filing a case based on SFIO’s investigation report. Consequently, the ED can even initiate the process of making arrests in connection with Exalogic. The ED’s actions against the Chief Minister’s daughter, Veena Vijayan, will be decisive.

Expanding Probes and Political Implications

Earlier, the Karnataka High Court had rejected Veena Vijayan’s plea against the SFIO probe. All those under investigation by the SFIO will come under the purview of the ED case. This means that Veena Vijayan and S. N. Sasidharan Karta will be part of the case. Additionally, those who did business with Veena Vijayan’s company will be investigated. Therefore, this case is crucial. Whether ED will question Veena Vijayan is also a crucial aspect. ED will also reach out to KSIDC, a public sector organization. Consequently, this case is pivotal for the state government.

There were indications that the central agency would take decisive action in Kerala within ten days. Meanwhile, with this new move, the Income Tax Department will investigate the ‘Masapadi’ case involving Veena Vijayan. ED is proceeding with a preliminary investigation. An Enforcement Case Information Report (ECIR) has been registered with the Kochi unit.

The Lok Sabha elections have been declared, and the involvement of the Income Tax Department in the case will create a significant political movement. This will undoubtedly become a strong issue in the elections, especially in light of allegations that the Center is using central agencies to oppress various states, including Kerala.

SFIO’s Resolute Actions and Political Backlash

The SFIO has taken a tough stance after the Karnataka High Court rejected Veena Vijayan’s petition to stop the investigation against her. Meanwhile, the SFIO report was also given to ED. Earlier, CMRL and KSIDC had gone directly to investigate the alleged involvement in the case. The CPM and Veena Vijayan received a significant setback when the single bench of the Karnataka High Court rejected Veena’s petition to stop the investigation.

The CPM leaders alleged that the central government’s investigation against Veena Vijayan was a political witch-hunt against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the Left government. However, the CPM faced a crisis after facing continuous setbacks from the High Courts (of Kerala and Karnataka) in the case.

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