VD Satheesan Accuses Behra of Facilitating Padmaja’s BJP Entry

llegations of CPM-BJP Mediation and Potential Evidence Emerge in Political Clash

Kochi: In a scathing attack, Opposition Leader V.D. Satheesan alleged that there is evidence suggesting the involvement of a former IPS officer in facilitating Padmaja Venugopal’s transfer to the BJP. Satheesan warned that if denied, he would produce evidence. And claims that the former officer, Bahra, has been mediating between the CPM and the BJP for some time.

Satheesan accused Bahra of serving as an intermediary for Padmaja’s entry into the BJP with Pinarayi Vijayan’s permission. Although Bahra denied the allegations, Congress continued to level accusations against him.

CPM’s Involvement Questioned

Pointing fingers at the CPM, Satheesan stated that when Padmaja joined the BJP, the party displayed the most jubilation. He questioned Pinarayi’s courage to expel Minister Krishnan Kutty from the cabinet, suggesting an agreement between Pinarayi and the BJP. “Does Pinarayi have the guts to throw out the NDA constituent Janata Dal? Or is it an agreement with the BJP?” Satheesan asked further about the status of the monthly investigations in Karuvannur.

In a scathing retort, the Chief Minister dubbed Congress a “shameless party.” However, Satheesan countered by recalling Pinarayi Vijayan’s 16-year tenure as CPM state secretary, former finance minister, and senior communist leader Vishwanath Menon joined the BJP and contested as a candidate. Menon was accused in the Edappally police station attack case. Additionally, Alphonse Kannanthanam left the party and joined the BJP, while Pinarayi served as secretary. Yet, Pinarayi gave him a party after leaving and joining the BJP. “So when Pinarayi was the party secretary, was the CPM a shameless party?” Satheesan questioned.

Satheesan further alleged that CPM leaders in Bengal and Tripura are affiliated with the BJP and Trinamool Congress. Yet, Pinarayi claimed that the party secretary and the party are not described as shameless. He also accused Pinarayi of winning in 1977 with the support of the RSS and changing the Lavalin case 38 times due to his relationship with the BJP. Satheesan questioned the status of the central agencies’ investigations against them and whether the ED’s investigation into Karuvannur was agreed upon. He also criticized EP Jayarajan’s statement that the BJP would come second, asking whether he was the LDF convenor or the NDA chairman.

Electoral Ramifications

Satheesan warned that if the BJP secures second place, the LDF will be relegated to third. He accused the CPM of creating space for the BJP in Kerala to save Pinarayi and his family. The opposition leader claimed that the UDF’s candidates in Vadakara, Alappuzha, and Thrissur had shocked the CPM and the BJP. He asserted that the shock would double when the election results were announced.

Lauding Shafi Parambil as a brilliant candidate for the UDF in Vadakara, Satheesan confidently stated, “BJP will not be allowed to open an account anywhere in Kerala.”

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