Unveiling Veena Vijayan’s Overseas Ventures: Probing Allegations of Paper Company Abroad

Central Agencies on High Alert as 'RO' Digs Deeper into Foreign Company Ties; Unraveling the Mystery of Toronto's Sky 11

Thiruvananthapuram: Besides the ongoing scrutiny surrounding Exalogic, central agencies are delving into new allegations against Veena Vijayan. Claims indicate that Veena owns a company named Sky Eleven Incorporated which was established in March 2023 in Toronto, Canada. Following revelations about Veena Vijayan’s association with this Canadian company, there have been allegations of hurriedly amended names and addresses of its owners. In this context, central agencies are conducting investigations, with ‘RO’ tasked with gathering foreign information and participating in the probe.

Key Points

  • Allegations and Investigations
  • Central agencies are probing allegations regarding Veena’s involvement in Sky Eleven Incorporated in Canada.
  • Social Media Revelation
  • Shawn George’s social media post highlighted the alleged company ownership, triggering further scrutiny from central agencies, particularly ‘RO’ and ‘RAW.’
  • Residential Complex Revelations
  • Investigations revealed that Sky Eleven Incorporated’s registered address in Canada is within a secure residential complex. It points to potential irregularities in company registration and operations.

Social Media Revelation

The allegations were first brought to light by Shawn George via social media. George, who previously lodged complaints about CMRL-Exalogic, took to Facebook to raise concerns about the new venture. Alongside a post questioning the nature of another pension initiative, he shared his findings. Afterward, the company altered its details, prompting central agencies to scrutinize it further. Canada, where ‘RO’ is initiating inquiries, lacks a cooperative extradition law with India. The situation is compounded by the entrenched roots of the Punjab secession argument in Canada, prompting ‘RAW’ to take swift action to verify the information.

Company Alterations and Investigations

Sky Eleven Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, recently changed its directorship and address. Notably, Sky Eleven Inc. was established soon after Exalogic encountered operational restrictions. The company, founded in March 2023, offers consultancy and training services to professionals and organizations, per its website. The timing of these alterations coincided with media scrutiny, prompting ‘RAW’ to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding these changes.

Residential Complex Revelations

Furthermore, local online media obtained information about the residential property used to register Veena Vijayan’s company in Canada. The official registration number for Sky Eleven Incorporated is 14898346. Surprisingly, media investigations uncovered the company’s registered address within a highly secure residential complex, inaccessible to the general public. This raises suspicions that someone may have written to the company as a paper entity using a residential address. The ease of starting a company in Canada for a nominal fee, coupled with legal protections, facilitates the creation of such paper companies. Sky Eleven’s establishment in Canada after the closure of Exalogic adds complexity to the ‘RAW’ investigation.

LinkedIn Profile Alterations

According to professional networking platforms, Veena T. served as the managing director of Sky Eleven. This information was corroborated by Veena’s and Sky Eleven’s LinkedIn profiles. However, the company swiftly altered its directorship and addressed it following public scrutiny. Deepak Yashwant Saibaba, a Canadian citizen and member of the company’s board of directors, applied these changes. Veena collaborated with Deepak Saibaba, who played a role in the inception of Exalogic. Central agencies are verifying the authenticity of the application from the Canadian government website.

Employee Profile and Company Establishment

Documents reveal that the application for correction coincided with alterations made to Veena and Sky Eleven’s LinkedIn profiles on February 15. Notably, Veena had initially listed Sky Eleven on her LinkedIn profile before promptly removing it. Additionally, the company amended Veena’s name to its LinkedIn profile. Removing Deepak Saibaba’s LinkedIn profile has also prompted ‘RAW’ to intensify efforts to locate him.

Only one employee’s information is visible, indicating Exalogic as their former employer on their LinkedIn profile. Exalogic’s official website describes it as a consultancy and training company catering to professionals and organizations worldwide, including India. The company’s establishment in Canada followed Exalogic’s operational freeze, underscoring the need for a thorough investigation.

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