Unveiling the Truth: Ruwais’s Past Relationships and the Tragic Dowry Murder of Dr. Shahna

Jassim Nas Reveals Shocking Details: The Devastating Impact of Dowry Demands

Thiruvananthapuram: The family has shed light on the tragic suicide of the young doctor. And revealed more about the circumstances leading to her death. Shahna’s brother, Jassim Nas, disclosed that his sister deeply loved Ruwais. And their marriage was on the point of being registered. However, a shocking revelation surfaces as Ruwais prioritizes the dowry demands imposed by his family. The situation surrounding Shahna’s demise bears similarities to a dowry-related murder.

According to Jassim, despite Shahna’s initial disinterest in marrying into a dowry-focused family, her sister-in-law’s influence convinced her decision. Panchayat member Sudhir Venjaramood has called for a thorough investigation into the young doctor’s suicide. Reports suggest that Ruwais faced humiliation among fellow students after ending the relationship. Citing additional dowry demands as a potential trigger for the tragic event. Shahna’s mother and brother visited Ruwais’s house in early November. Ruwais first visited Shahna’s home and pledged to marry her. However, things took an unexpected turn at the end.

Upon inquiring about Ruwais, it was revealed that he had been in another relationship before Shahna. Additionally, Jassim sought his sister-in-law’s intervention to dissuade Shahna from the marriage. Learning about these revelations deeply affected Shahna. The prospect of working together after the broken engagement added stress to her life. Shahna had initially admired Ruwais based on positive accounts from friends and colleagues. He held the position of association president, contributing to her affection for him, as shared by Jassim Nas.

Shahna’s suicide resulted from the mental distress inflicted by the broken engagement. She had considered marrying Ruwais, and both families agreed to the union. However, the decision to marry was later reconsidered due to their close relationship. Jassim reveals that his sister held strong feelings for Ruwais. When Ruwais withdrew from the marriage, citing dowry issues, it plunged Shahna into depression, leading to an unfortunate outcome.

Despite the impending cancellation of the marriage due to dowry disputes, Ruwais and his family were willing to proceed with the wedding and register it. However, Ruwais insisted on dowry, escalating the demands. Allegedly, Ruwais’s father demanded even more dowry, leaving Shahna heartbroken. Despite initially expressing a willingness to contribute as much as possible, Ruwais pressed for demands that exceeded their financial capacity. The breaking point came when Ruwais emphasized the importance of money, devastating Shahna.

The family contends that Ruwais’s father’s insistence on increasing dowry demands. Not taking into consideration their financial constraints aggravated Shahna’s mental anguish. Shahna’s dreams of a happy marriage were shattered due to the insurmountable dowry demands, ultimately leading to her tragic decision.

These revelations highlight the complexities and emotional toll associated with dowry-related issues. And underscore the urgent need for societal awareness and change. The demand for a thorough investigation into Shahna’s suicide further emphasizes the gravity of such situations and the necessity for accountability.rohit

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