Unveiling the Horrors: Classmate’s Audio Message Exposes Siddharth’s Tragic End

Dean's Revelation Raises Doubts, Police Reluctant to Pursue Murder Charges

Kalpetta: Dean MK Narayanan’s revelations lend credibility to the claim that Siddharth was killed and hanged in the Pookode University hostel. Dean debunked claims by some in the college that Siddharth received treatment. The assistant warden was the first to report the suicide attempt. Immediately, efforts were made to save the student’s life. Siddharth was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. However, Dean said he was pronounced dead at the hospital, meaning Siddharth was already deceased when loaded into the ambulance.

Shocking Audio Emerges

Meanwhile, audio emerged of a classmate who allegedly beat Siddharth to death. MK Narayanan, Dean of Wayanad Pookode Veterinary University, reacted to the student’s death. He said he had no direct connection to the hostel, as the Dean’s job is not campus security. It is impossible to visit daily. As Dean, he oversees the university.

Siddharth’s death was promptly reported to relatives within ten minutes of confirmation by a PG student. Critically, the Dean revealed it was a corpse brought to the hospital – implying Siddharth was tied up and transported to conceal murder evidence.

The audio alleges Siddharth was beaten to death – brutally, like a dog, with a belt. His batchmates participated in this fatal act. Even outsiders were involved in the killing, according to audio given to the family. Shockingly, everything was done by his friends. The audio also describes perpetrators as worse than vultures.

WhatsApp Revelation

Dean’s words support the argument that Siddharth was beaten, tied up, and hung. Earlier, a WhatsApp chat about the death emerged. Questioning of arrested suspects continues, individually and collectively. Police will bring accused students to campus to collect evidence. So far, 18 students have been arrested and charged with assault, detention, and abetment of suicide. Police are considering additional criminal conspiracy charges with clear evidence. However, no murder or attempted murder charges were filed despite aggravated assault meriting attempted murder charges.

Police found Siddharth was beaten in four places by the accused. They allegedly kept his phone so no one would know. Siddharth’s family called on the afternoon of the 16th, but he did not answer. This continued on the 17th. Investigators discovered his phone was with the accused. The next day, another beating occurred before the phone was returned. Siddharth told his mother he’d come home on the 24th. But the helpless mother happened to receive news of his death instead.

On the 18th morning, the gang assaulted Siddharth again, judging he was fine. His body was found hanging in the bathroom and exhumed by the accused before police arrived. The students were allegedly threatened by the accused to stay silent.

Cover-up and Call for Justice

The tragic death of student Siddharth continues to raise more questions than answers. The Dean’s revelations indicate Siddharth was likely murdered rather than dying by suicide. Audio evidence further backs up that classmates violently beat Siddharth before his death. However, police have yet to file murder charges, only lesser charges like assault. The accused students seem to have made efforts to cover up the truth by controlling Siddharth’s phone and transporting his body.

Many people may have been involved or might have known about the events leading up to Siddharth’s death. Investigators need to conduct further investigations to determine the actual cause of what happened and who bears responsibility. Authorities must ensure justice for this bright young student whose life was tragically cut short. This sad case underscores issues surrounding violence and lack of safety at educational institutions controlled by the SFI gangs, demanding severe attention and action.

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