Unveiling the Exalogic Controversy: Legal Battles and Political Turmoil

Insights into Veena's Silence, Legal Maneuvers, and Political Intrigue

Thiruvananthapuram: Amid mounting allegations and swirling controversy, the silence surrounding Exalogic’s chief, Veena Vijayan, has finally been shattered. Months have passed since the accusations surfaced. Neither Veena nor her husband, Minister Muhammad Riaz, have offered any response or action. A cloud of suspicion hanging as a central agency’s report on bribery for specific purposes still needs to be addressed. It has fueled public scrutiny and speculation.

Key Points

  • Veena breaks her silence amidst mounting allegations and controversy surrounding monthly purchases.
  • Legal manoeuvres unfolded as SFIO prepared to interrogate Veena Vijayan. Prompting Exalogic to petition the Karnataka High Court.
  • The CPM Secretariat pledged to confront the investigation head-on.

Legal Maneuvers Unfold Amidst SFIO Scrutiny

The spotlight intensifies as SFIO gears up to interrogate Veena Vijayan regarding purported monthly payments from CMRL. Tensions escalate as legal manoeuvres ensue, with Exalogic petitioning the Karnataka High Court amidst 

Mounting pressure and public outcry

The urgency to halt the investigation against Exalogic raises eyebrows. It prompted questions about hidden agendas and vested interests. With SFIO’s imminent questioning of Veena Vijayan, swift action unfolds. Coinciding with a nationwide strike in Delhi and the bustling streets of Bengaluru.

Yesterday’s events saw the SFIO team descend upon the KSIDC office, seizing crucial documents and igniting a legal battle. Despite attempts by the government and Industries Minister’s office to thwart the inspection, SFIO’s relentless pursuit of truth presses on, signalling a pivotal moment in Kerala.

The High Court denies a stay on the SFIO probe. Still, the veil of secrecy surrounding Exalogic’s dealings is slowly lifting. The hurried filing of a petition, the frenzied legal proceedings, and the court’s probing inquiries only deepen the intrigue surrounding this unfolding saga.

The state-owned PSU KSIDC vehemently contests SFIO’s jurisdiction, further complicating an already convoluted narrative. Amidst mounting pressure and legal wrangling, tomorrow looms as the Karnataka High Court prepares to weigh in.

CPM Secretariat Vows to Confront Investigation

Amid mounting challenges, the CPM Secretariat stands resolute, vowing to confront the investigation head-on, legally and politically. Despite setbacks and allegations, unwavering support for the Chief Minister’s daughter underscores a fierce determination to weather the storm of scrutiny and emerge unscathed.

As Kerala braces for a seismic shift in its political landscape, the fate of Exalogic and its embattled chief hangs in the balance. Tomorrow is poised to deliver a verdict that could reverberate far beyond the confines of the courtroom.

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