Unveiling the Dormitory Demo: Siddharth’s Tragic Ordeal at Pookode College

Insights into Dormitory Violence, Political Threats, and the Call for CBI Intervention

Kalpetta: It has become evident who is protecting the accused who brutally beat Siddharth, a student at Pookode Veterinary University, Wayanad. Shockingly, the senior CPM leader who accompanied the accused when produced in court was dismissed by the magistrate, according to Asianet News. The incident occurred when the six arrested individuals appeared on Wednesday. Reportedly, the leader accompanying the police and accused was forbidden by court staff from going to the magistrate’s location but did not retreat. This exemplifies the political protection received by the accused. Meanwhile, Pookode College students have started speaking the truth, further implicating the SFI organization at the college.

Information is emerging that a group led by SFI leaders beat up Siddharth in four locations on college grounds. Reportedly, he endured beatings in the college hostel courtyard. And took him inside the hostel itself, near the hostel hilltop, and within the dormitory. Additionally, someone supposedly summoned a student sleeping in the hostel room to witness a “demo” beating as an example of what would transpire if SFI resisted. Eyewitnesses are relaying these details externally. Leaders are contacting every college student to prevent such facts from circulating. Students are advised not to say anything since Siddharth’s experience stemmed from WhatsApp conversations. If the truth emerges, college teachers may also face accusations.

Political Interference Unveiled

Furthermore, the CPM leader accompanied the accused, which police halted. The leader shouted at court staff to stop him but did not retreat even after police intervention. The CPM leader approached the magistrate to claim the accused were brought too late, but the magistrate himself instructed the leader to leave the room. The leader departed after the magistrate’s order. When the accused appeared, two CPM leaders came but only one entered. The leader’s court intervention likely aimed to signal CPM support of the accused and prevent the truth from surfacing. Therefore, assessments indicate only a CBI investigation will uncover the truth.

Seeking Justice Through CBI

The government could swiftly authorize CBI involvement, or someone could petition the High Court. If that transpires, the accused will have a greater opportunity to destroy evidence. Hence, some centers are taking precautions to prevent the Chief Minister from approving a CBI probe. Strong beliefs exist that SFI top leadership also participated in the conspiracy since intelligence forced only SFI presence on the Pookotte campus.

Meanwhile, after banning 19 students from studying for 3 years, the college’s anti-ragging committee took action against more students in this case. 10 students cannot attend classes or take exams after receiving 1-year college bans. Reports indicate beatings occurred when the accused threatened them. The committee also barred two other students from taking internal exams for one year. This results from not taking the victim to the hospital after observing the beatings. The hostel expelled all 12 students. The 7-day college suspension of all witnesses to the hostel violence also prohibits hostel entry during that period. Students can appeal to the Vice Chancellor if desired.

Siddharth endured unprecedented cruelty. No one questioned the mob trial in the hostel courtyard. Police are attempting to conclude that severe depression from these events led to suicide. However, there are active arguments that Siddharth died from being locked in a room without food to protect leaders from murder charges.

Not the first but it should be the last

The tragic case of Siddharth, a veterinary student beaten to death at Pookode College, continues to unfold. While several students have received punishments ranging from suspensions to bans, many believe the full truth has not emerged. Key questions remain unanswered, including who organized the brutal attack and the true circumstances surrounding Siddharth’s death in his dorm room. The alleged involvement of SFI leaders and protection by political parties like CPM have complicated the investigation.

While police claim Siddharth killed himself due to depression, the suspicious lockdown in his room before his death suggests potential foul play. Pookode students are still afraid to speak out, and the magistrate has had to dismiss political leaders attempting to intervene in court proceedings. To deliver true justice to Siddharth, an impartial CBI investigation is necessary. This would circumvent the political influence and coercion that currently shrouds the case. Until then, the cruelty Siddharth endured will continue to be reduced to hearsay, and the full truth of his tragic fate may never come to light.

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