Unveiling Injustice: Sheela Sunny’s Fight Against the Fake LSD Stamp Case

A Gripping Tale of Legal Battles, Deception, and Seeking Justice

Thrissur: Sheela Sunny, who spent 72 days in jail for a fake LSD stamp case, has reopened her beauty parlor in Chalakudy. However, she vehemently demands to know who framed her in the fake LSD stamp case. February 27 marks a year since Sheela became trapped in the case. The Excise Crime Branch had accused Narayanadas, a native of Tripunithura, of being based on fake information. An investigation by the Excise Crime Branch is ongoing.

Although the Excise implicated Narayana Das, the reason for his involvement in the fake case remains undisclosed. Sheela implores to uncover the truth. Excise arrested Sheela Sunny on February 27, 2023, for alleged possession of intoxicating drugs based on an internet call tip-off. However, it was later confirmed that fake LSD stamps were seized. The High Court intervened, preventing the arrest of Sheela Sunny’s sister-in-law, Livia Jose.

The turning point occurred when a chemical test report revealed that the bag belonging to Sheela, the owner of Chalakudy She Style Beauty Parlor, contained no LSD stamp. Subsequently, the Excise Department implicated Sheela’s niece’s sister during their investigation for providing false information about Sheela’s possession of LSD.

Sheela was denied bail by lower courts due to the seriousness of the charge. Sheela was released on May 10 after obtaining bail from the High Court. The case revolves around the Excise team seizing 12 LSD stamps from Sheela’s scooter on the evening of February 27.

Legal Battles and Justice Served

Following a report from the Kakanate Regional Chemical Examiner’s Lab proving that the seized drugs were not intoxicants, the High Court dismissed the intoxicant case upon Sheela Sunny’s petition. Following Sheela’s allegation that her daughter-in-law and sister had used her scooter the day before the drugs were seized, the court also ordered action against those who fabricated the drug case.

Retired Justice B. Kemal Pasha suggested that Sheela file a compensation case. He emphasized that Sheela should not go uncompensated for her ordeal.

Allegations and Further Legal Proceedings

Sheela Sunny still needs to file a compensation suit. Sheela alleges that her sister-in-law and her other sister deceived her by gossiping behind the house the day before the incident. She now believes it was a conspiracy to deceive her and demand answers.

Meanwhile, two individuals suspected of involvement in the fake LSD case have petitioned the High Court. Narayanadas, recently accused in the case, approached the High Court. At the same time, the investigating team summoned him for questioning on the 8th of this month. Additionally, Livia Jose, Sheela Sunny’s sister-in-law, approached the High Court last September, alleging mental harassment by the Excise team.

Both individuals accused the Excise team of attempting to entrap them and subjecting them to mental torture. They claimed that the investigating officers threatened them with non-bailable charges. They also alleged that the officers were making them scapegoats to protect their colleagues facing action for arresting Sheela Sunny in a false case. Subsequently, the court issued a notice in the case and instructed the investigating team not to make any arrests. The investigation has now led to 52-year-old Narayana Das, believed to be Livia Jose’s friend.

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