Unraveling the Storm: Kuzhalnadan’s Resort Controversy in Suryanelli

Navigating Allegations, Hidden Buildings, and Legal Turmoil in the Heart of Serene Suryanelli

Thodupuzha: A storm brews as the government gears up to reclaim 50 cents of land adjacent to Mathew Kuzhalnathan MLA’s Chinnakanal resort in Suryanelli. The decisive move follows encroachment allegations. Udumbanchola land registry Tehsildar flagged the issue in a report to the Idukki collector.

Key Points:

  • Land Ownership Controversy: The government plans to reclaim 50 cents of land adjacent to Mathew Kuzhalnathan MLA’s Chinnakanal resort in Suryanelli.
  • Hidden Building and Tax Evasion: Revelations emerge about a building of 1,000 square feet, worth Rs 18 lakhs, erected on disputed government land during registration. It raises questions about the resort’s legality and points to potential tax evasion.
  • Vigilance Probe and Legal Implications: The CPM Ernakulam district secretary’s allegations of rule violations prompted a vigilance probe in September.

Last August, CPM Ernakulam, the district secretary, raised concerns about the resort’s operations, citing violations of land rules. Reports suggest that the contested land was under ownership, predating Mathew Kuzhalnadan’s resort acquisition. However, clarity awaits the completion of the digital survey.

The collector’s stance is firm – even if the land has historical ownership, reclamation is still on the table. Permission has been granted to acquire surplus land, pending a report from the village officer. The revenue department, echoing vigilance findings, claims that the MLA’s government encroached on the land and is contemplating legal action.

The Kapitan Resort, jointly purchased by Kuzhalnadan and two friends three years ago, spans an acre of land with buildings totaling 14 cents. However, recent developments reveal that the resort stands on its acquired territory and 50 cents of disputed government land. The vigilance probe, initiated in September, raises questions about irregularities in the sale and registration process.

The complexity deepens with the revelation that a building of 1,000 square feet, worth Rs 18 lakhs, was surreptitiously erected on government land during registration, evading due taxes. An initial assessment by the vigilance concluded that registration or entry was not legally possible due to the ongoing case. This highlighted further irregularities in the land registration process.

In the latest twist, the collector’s intervention paves the way for a meticulous survey to be conducted by the village officer as a precursor to the potential land acquisition. The grounds for this lie in the juxtaposition of Mathew Kuzhalnadan’s resort. It spans one acre and 20 cents, encroaching 50 cents of government land.

Chinnakanal, questions linger about the future of the resort and the potential legal battles that may ensue. The saga of Kapitan Resort serves as a stark reminder of the intricate dance between development and land governance. It leaves the serene landscape of Suryanelli caught in a vortex of uncertainty.

The unfolding drama underscores the importance of transparent land dealings, with implications reaching far beyond the borders of this picturesque town. Only time will tell how this intricate puzzle of ownership rights, encroachment, and legal intricacies will ultimately unravel.

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