Unraveling the Sadiq Basha Arrest: Alleged Terrorism in Kerala

Insights into the Investigation and Background of the Alleged Terrorist Sadiq Basha

Thiruvananthapuram: Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival in Thiruvananthapuram, alleged terrorist Sadiq Basha arrived in Vattiurkavu along with three associates from Tamil Nadu. Basha was previously accused by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) of serious terrorism charges. Sadiq Basha’s arrest relieved the NIA amid PM Modi’s visit.

Investigations and Lack of Surveillance

Travelling with Basha were Nurul Haleeq, Nassar and Shahul Hameed. Their vehicle displayed a fake police sticker. Haleeq is from Nagapattinam, Nassar is from Thiruvallur, and Hameed is from Greater Chennai. Police have likely accused them of using a phony sticker. Additionally, Kerala police are investigating Basha’s relations with his three travel companions. The Central Intelligence Agency is also looking into the matter.

Previously, the NIA filed charges against Basha and three others regarding an ISIS propaganda case in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The agency raided locations related to the case in Thiruvananthapuram, including Vattiyoorkavi.

Background and Past Incidents

According to the NIA chargesheet, Basha’s group operates between Tamil Nadu and Kerala borders. They recruited technical experts for ISIS and formed three organizations to conduct propaganda. The chargesheet alleges the gang also contacted ISIS operatives in Sri Lanka. Basha received bail in this case, enabling his return to Vattiyoorkau.

Basha reportedly maintained friendships in Vattiyoorkau. Despite police awareness, he was not under surveillance, allowing an undetected arrival. Kerala police may soon hand Basha over to the NIA.

Vattiyoorkau police arrested Basha yesterday evening. He claimed innocently coming to visit his wife by taxi. However, there are indications he came due to a church divorce dispute.

Other pending cases against Basha exist in Tamil Nadu as well. In June 2022, the NIA arrested him and four others for ISIS fundraising and recruitment. Basha also faces charges of attempting to murder a Tamil Nadu police officer during a vehicle inspection. The NIA found extensive evidence linking Basha to ISIS activities.

How Basha Became a ‘Son-in-Law’ in Vattiyoorkau

Before his terrorist arrest, Basha lived in Vattiyoorkau’s Kallumala Vazhotu Konad, posing as an impoverished man. He would visit his home every week or two, staying at least a week before returning to Chennai.

The marriage arrangement came through a relative in Mylatumpara, Chennai. Despite financial difficulties, a Manakkatte church committee assisted the family in marrying off the young woman. Basha’s father worked as a fishmonger’s assistant with a meagre income. His mother worked cleaning wedding halls. The family did not further investigate the marriage and trusted the Chennai relative.

After marrying, Basha’s family rented the upper floor of a two-story house in Vazhotu Kona. Locals grew suspicious of Basha’s sporadic visits. The couple’s first child was born, but Basha’s attendance decreased during COVID-19.

With halted rent payments, the landlord evicted the family. A local CPM leader provided them with another small house. Only after the NIA raid did locals realize Basha was a serious criminal.

The NIA alleges Basha has deep roots in Vattiyoorkav’s Kallumala region. He is closely tied to the key accused in Kaliyikawila’s special officer murder. Basha acted through organizations called Khilafat Party of India, Khilafat Front of India, and the Intellectual Students of India to promote ISIS terrorism, according to allegations.

How Basha Got Caught

On February 21, 2022, police took Basha and four others into custody near Mylatumpara railway station. When stopped, Basha pointed a gun at officers. He was overpowered after a shootout, and police seized explosives, a gun, a laptop, and more. The accused were sent to Trichy jail under the Arms Act. Evidence showed they worked with ISIS, so Tamil Nadu police transferred the case to the NIA. After investigating, the NIA raided nine Tamil Nadu centres and uncovered further evidence of Basha’s activities.

Searches revealed flags indicating anti-national activity at Basha’s old Chennai lodge. He also operated a used car sales centre in Chennai, which authorities raided. Basha allegedly trained youths in martial arts at the centre to recruit them for ISIS. Over ten prior cases exist against Basha in places including Madurai and Chennai. In 2017, he was arrested in North Chennai under the Arms Act for illegal financial transactions.

The reappearance of alleged terrorist Sadiq Basha in Thiruvananthapuram on the eve of the Prime Minister’s visit has raised alarms. With a history of charges including ISIS recruitment, propaganda, illegal arms, and attempted murder of police officers, Basha’s activities and connections spanning Kerala and Tamil Nadu are under deep scrutiny. The full extent of his network and plans remain uncertain as investigators uncover more evidence and potential local ties.

The purpose behind the notorious criminal’s return to Kerala remains mysterious. However, Congress’s opposition and law enforcement agencies continue to pressure the local CPM government to answer how such a dangerous figure appears undetected. Basha’s arrest may seem imminent, but implications of his resurfacing for national security loom large as authorities race to uncover the true nature of his most recent trip south.

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