Unraveling the Mystery: TK Divya’s Tragic Death Sparks Investigation and Caste Abuse Allegations

A Gripping Tale of Loss, Allegations, and the Search for Justice in TK Divya's Disturbing Demise

Kannur: The demise of TK Divya, a 37-year-old SBI employee, at her husband’s residence in Kannur’s Pazhayangadi has unfolded a perplexing narrative. Her mysterious death has not only prompted serious murder allegations. But it has also raised concerns about caste abuse, injecting intricate layers into this already tragic saga. The unfolding TK Divya death investigation delves into this poignant incident.

Key Points:

  • TK Divya’s mysterious death led to allegations of murder and caste abuse.
  • Divya’s father accused her husband, Unnikrishnan, and mother-in-law of subjecting her to constant caste-based abuse.
  • The disclosure of details about the mother’s struggles revealed by her ten-year-old son was disturbing.

Last Thursday, TK Divya, who worked at the SBI Madai branch, was found hanging in her husband Unnikrishnan’s house. The distressing revelation came to light when her father, M. Sankaran, stepped forward, accusing Unnikrishnan and his mother of subjecting Divya to constant caste-based abuse.

Additionally, the bereaved father accused the mother-in-law and husband of killing. His disclosure brought attention to the terrible caste and religious abuse he was reportedly subjected to by her daughter. The community is in shock following Divya’s sudden death on April 17, 2023, barely nine months after she wed Unnikrishnan.

The ten-year-old son, a witness to the tragic incident, revealed to a channel that on the night of the incident, someone forced his mother to take a pill. When she vomited, they compelled her to ingest it again. The child painted a distressing picture of his mother’s suffering. He described how his mother often cried and struggled to sleep at night.

Allegations of caste-based discrimination at Unnikrishnan’s house further complicate the narrative. Divya’s father claimed that due to her lower caste status, her mother-in-law refused even to consume food prepared by Divya. The father’s anguish intensifies due to the perceived inaction of the police. Despite 48 hours passing, Kerala Police have taken no steps in response to the filed complaint, as is often the case.

As the TK Divya death investigation unfolds, it unravels a disturbing narrative of potential murder and caste-based abuse. The intricate complexities surrounding the case necessitate a thorough examination, ensuring justice for Divya and casting light on the issues of caste discrimination that may have played a role in this tragic episode. The community awaits answers, grappling with the sorrowful loss of a daughter, wife, and mother.

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