Unraveling the Mystery: Disappeared Nomadic Child’s Mysterious Appearance

Two Women Spot Child by Pond at Night, Sparking Police Response. Mysterious Drone Sighting Raises Questions Amidst Search Efforts.

Thiruvananthapuram: The mystery surrounding the drone allegedly belonging to the police, linked to the nomadic child’s disappearance, has gripped locals near Arappura Vattakayal. Residents reported sightings of the child near the pond by two women who were there to wash clothes at night. When alerted, police promptly arrived and took the child from the scene. Locals frequent Vattakayal in Arappura Vilakam, a small pond, for bathing and other activities. The child caught the woman’s attention in the area behind Chaka ITI.

Intensive Investigations Underway

Initial estimates suggest that the individual who took the child left him at the location during the night. A police team is conducting thorough investigations in the vicinity where they discovered the child. It includes the alley behind the Karikakam Arapura Residence Association office under the leadership of DCP Nithinraj. Furthermore, authorities have acquired CCTV footage indicating that someone brought the child to the area and abandoned them. The investigation extends to reviewing CCTV footage from the Residence Association, with a forensic team also present at the site.

The two-year-old child was found in a location beyond his usual sleeping area, prompting speculation that he was brought there and abandoned. Locals attest to the intervention of the two women, although police have not confirmed this detail.

Someone may have left the baby in a secluded area after dusk. However, it remains unconfirmed whether the police arrived based on the received information. Medical examinations at the general hospital revealed no health issues for the child. The infant went missing Sunday midnight, with the only lead being the testimony of his six-year-old brother. According to him, two men on a yellow scooter had taken the baby away.

Family Background and Discovery

Amardeep and Amala, a couple from Telangana, had been sleeping with their four children in an open field along the Chaka-All Saints road. Two-year-old Mary slept inside a small mosquito net on the ground, among tarpaulin and mats. Concerned that the baby was missing, Amardeep promptly reported the incident to the Petta police station on Monday at 2 o’clock, initiating a search.

Hailing from Telangana Basti Devinagar, Amardeep and his family, known for their honey collection and sales, have visited Kerala for about 15 years. They arrived in Thiruvananthapuram two weeks ago. The child, Mary, was discovered near Pontakat, close to Kochuveli railway station, around 8 pm, in a non-flowing stream adjacent to the railway track. Despite searches conducted when news of the child’s disappearance broke, the area remains largely uninhabited.

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