Unprecedented Move: Governor’s Surprise Policy Address Leaves Assembly Stunned

Governor Arif Muhammad Khan's Swift Speech Sparks Controversy in Kerala Legislative Assembly

Thiruvananthapuram: Governor’s Swift Policy Speech in the Kerala assembly, perplexing the ruling party and the opposition. Breaking with tradition, the Governor read only the introduction and conclusion, a first in the history of the Kerala Assembly.

Key Points: 

  1. Governor Arif Muhammad Khan surprised the Kerala Legislative Assembly by delivering a swift policy announcement speech. He read only the introduction and conclusion, an unprecedented move in the assembly’s history.
  2.  The Governor’s short departure without customary formalities alarms the ruling party and the opposition. It sparked confusion and discontent among opposition MLAs.
  3. Opposition MLA Sunny Joseph criticized the Governor’s unconventional approach, claiming the policy announcement lacked officiality and accusing the Governor of making a mockery of democracy.

Upon reaching, Governor Khan swiftly addressed the assembly, taking one minute to read the last paragraph of the policy statement. The unexpected move caught everyone off guard, with the Chief Minister and the Speaker receiving the Governor, who promptly departed without customary formalities.

Despite the Chief Minister offering flowers, the Governor showed no inclination to exchange courtesies. Instead, he proceeded directly to the Speaker’s desk. Confusion rippled through the assembly following the national anthem, with the opposition questioning the abrupt departure.

Upon receiving a call for a policy announcement speech, the Governor briefly introduced it, emphasizing his prerogative to deliver it. He then exclusively read the last paragraph, focusing on the country’s need for cooperative federalism, secularism, and social justice.

The Governor’s unconventional approach sparked shock, and the Speaker and the ruling and opposition benches looked on in surprise. Arif Mohammad Khan did not comment to the media after his swift exit, leaving opposition MLAs to express dissatisfaction.

Opposition MLA Sunny Joseph argued that by not stating ‘my government,’ the policy announcement lacked officiality. He branded the Governor’s actions as a mockery of democracy. Joseph contended that a proper announcement would have allowed the public to hear and understand the government’s stance.

As the political drama unfolds, the upcoming budget for the new financial year, scheduled for presentation on February 5, looms on the horizon. The session, spanning 32 days until March 27, is poised to address significant bills. This includes the Kerala State Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2024, the Kerala Municipality (Amendment) Bill, 2024, and the Kerala Panchayati Raj (Amendment) Bill, 2024. The possibility of an early adjournment hangs in the air if the Lok Sabha elections are announced.

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