Uncovering Sinjo’s Grudge: The Dark Truth Behind Siddharth’s Tragedy

Exploring Sinjo's Motive and Threats in the Pookode Veterinary College Incident

Kollam: Sinjo John and Kashinathan, the main accused in the death of Siddharth at Pookod Veterinary College, have been arrested in Karunagappally. An investigation team probing Siddharth’s death in Wayanad arrested Sinjo Johnson from his relative’s house early this morning.

Sinjo Johnson had allegedly threatened Siddharth not to reveal the brutal beating. Earlier claims stated that Sinjo Johnson, the absconding accused, had warned Siddharth that he would face no punishment if he disclosed the information. Earlier, the Special Investigation Team had issued a lookout notice against Saud Rizal, Kashinathan, Ajay Kumar and Sinjo John, the main accused.

A special investigation team is probing Siddharth’s death in Kollam. The next day, the police visited Sinjo John’s house and took his parents’ statements. After this, the police arrested Sinjo from his relative’s house. Police suspect that 31 people are involved in the case.

Sinjo’s Threats and Siddharth’s Ordeal

Siddharth’s parents alleged that Sinjo not only beat their son but also threatened other students with death if they spoke out, threatening to behead them. College authorities also instructed students to return home and not reveal anything about what happened. Siddharth’s parents claimed Sinjo and his friends took Siddharth to a hostel room and committed the atrocities.

The father of Siddharth couldn’t finish reading the first part of the post-mortem report, stating: “My son’s death involved brutal torture and hanging under the leadership of the SFI unit secretary.” I have received video footage of this. The press did not receive it upon the investigating officer’s request. Had Siddharth been willing to join SFI, we would not have lost him.”

Fearing threats, Siddharth’s best friends and roommates joined SFI. “They stripped him before them; his legs were wrapped in electric wire and belts. Sinjo, a senior student who leads drug use and immoral activities on campus, is the main suspect. He is the SFI unit in charge. Sinjo held a bitter grudge against Siddharth, who excelled in studies, photography and organization.

Valentine’s Day Dance Dispute

Sinjo and his friends could not tolerate senior girls dancing with Siddharth on Valentine’s Day. After the incident, the college suspended 12 people, including Sinjo. However, nothing on the charge sheet mentions a higher intervention behind this. Jayaprakash stated that the case should be investigated honestly, with all culprits brought to justice.

So far, 11 of the 18 accused individuals have been arrested. Three people are in custody. Meanwhile, action will be taken against 12 more students in Siddharth’s death. Ten students received 1-year college bans, barring them from classes and exams. Reports indicate beatings occurred when the accused threatened them. Two others could not take internal exams for one year, based on not taking the victim to the hospital despite observing the beatings. 

The authorities expelled all 12 students from the hostel.

There is also punishment for hostel students. All witnesses to the violence were suspended from college for seven days and could not enter the hostel during that time. This applies to those present from February 16-18. The anti-ragging committee took this action. The Internal Grievance Redressal Committee also clarified that students can appeal to the VC if desired.

After the authorities banned 19 people from studying for three years, they took action against others involved in the case. Apart from the 18 accused, they also prohibited one more person from studying.

The tragic death of Siddharth at Pookode Veterinary College continues to unfold with new revelations. With the arrest of prime suspects Sinjo John and Kashinathan, Siddharth’s parents have shed more light on their son’s harrowing final days. Their account depicts a brutal, premeditated attack by SFI members, including Sinjo. Despite multiple suspensions, no attackers appear on the official charge sheet, suggesting institutional complicity.

As the investigation expands, over 30 students may face punishment for participating in the violence or failing to act. But many argue true justice is still lacking. Key questions remain unanswered, including who organized the attack and the full circumstances around Siddharth’s hanging. An impartial investigation is necessary by considering accusations of video evidence and witnesses facing threats.

Justice Demands an Impartial Probe

For Siddharth’s family and friends demanding accountability, the arrests are one step toward unravelling the truth. But in the end, the report should uncover the perpetrators, regardless of their political connections. Siddharth’s promising life cannot be reduced to a statistic, and his loss deserves justice. The law can only provide proper restitution through an unbiased investigation and charges reflecting the severity of the attack. However, there may be more suitable agencies to offer an impartial investigation than Kerala Police as the party cadres manage the force.

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