Uncovering Pookod Veterinary College’s Culture of Mob Trials

Exploring the Deep-Seated Tradition of Violence and Retribution Within the Institution

Kalpetta: Confirmation of Mob trials in Pookode Veterinary College has emerged that a similarly brutal mob trial took place at Pookod Veterinary College before Siddharth’s death. Brutal beatings had previously occurred at the Pookotte campus, and it was a repetition of this that tragically claimed Siddharth’s life. In the aftermath, details of these past atrocities are now coming to light.

Actions Against Perpetrators

On Thursday, the college’s anti-ragging committee took action against 13 students, including the former president of the SFI-led college union. The torture inflicted on them was akin to what Siddharth endured. Female students have filed complaints, prompting police to file cases regarding these incidents. This earlier information surfaced when the anti-ragging squad took statements from other students as part of investigating Siddharth’s beating.

The old ragging practices originated from an age-old ‘unwritten law’ of accusation and punishment. Students from the 2019 and 2021 batches underwent trials and punishments for alleged misbehavior towards female students. Those subjected to beatings suffered severe mental trauma. 2019 batch of ragged students have completed their courses and are currently undergoing internships. Consequently, authorities banned four students’ internships for one year, and they canceled the scholarships of five others.

Additionally, the college suspended two students from the 2021 batch for one year and canceled the scholarships of two others. The report will undergo forwarding to the police for further investigation. Authorities will also initiate new cases against those accountable for the actions taken.

Brutal Incidents of Ragging and Violence

In 2019, Arun, the college union president now on remand for Siddharth’s death, took a final-year student to a room where he and others brutally beat the student for about an hour, alleging misbehavior with a female student on campus. The student reported enduring 32 consecutive beatings and later apologized.

In 2020, a group led by the college union president and others called for a student to return from a practical examination and assault him. The internships of four students who testified to witnessing the student being beaten in this incident were banned for one year. This testimony stands as a humiliating reminder to those who endured the beatings.

Investigations have revealed that in 2020-21, individuals brutally tortured a student for several hours in the boys’ hostel room. They then took him to a hill, where they beat him on the grounds of allegedly misbehaving with a senior female student on campus. The mentally disturbed student did not come to college for two weeks after the trial and spent many days at a hotel in Vythiri. When he returned to college, he still had a red eye mark and scars on his face.

However, no one came forward to complain about the brutality. The student claims he has no complaint and does not want to proceed with any action. However, during the investigation into Siddharth’s case, a teacher forwarded the information, and the college received it as a complaint to the college authorities.

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