Tragic Turn: Newlywed Hangs Herself in Same Room as Sleeping Husband

Investigation Reveals Dowry Abuse in Sona's Death; Husband Arrested after Eight Months

Thiruvananthapuram: A twist has emerged in a case involving a newly married couple in the capital. Sona (22) tragically took her own life by hanging herself at her husband’s residence in Thannichamkuzhi merely 15 days after their marriage. After an eight-month investigation, the husband, Vipin (Unni, 28), has been arrested in connection with Sona’s death.

After a year and a half of friendship that began when they met at a forest shop, the couple married in June 2023. However, their happiness as a married couple was short-lived. On the thirteenth night following their wedding, Sona tragically hung herself to death in her husband’s bedroom.

Suspicion and Allegations: Family’s Concerns about Sona’s death

Sona’s relatives have expressed suspicion surrounding the circumstances of her death. The tragic death that occurred in the very room where Vipin was sleeping creates suspicion. Vipin claimed ignorance, stating that he had fallen asleep and was unaware of the tragic incident. He claims that when he woke up at 11 p.m., he discovered Sona hanging. However, Sona’s relatives find this explanation enigmatic.

A police investigation revealed that Sona’s demise was a result of the physical and mental abuse inflicted upon her by her husband. Although it was a love marriage, Vipin allegedly harassed Sona mentally by demanding dowry, and on certain occasions, he resorted to physical violence.

Revealing the Truth: Police Investigation

A police inquiry has found that Sona’s death was a suicide rather than a murder, notwithstanding the early misgivings. As a result, Vipin has been accused of domestic abuse and helping suicide to happen. Concerns expressed by Sona’s family regarding the unexplained nature of her death prompted police to further their investigation.

According to Vipin’s statement to the police, he woke up at 11 p.m. to find Sona hanging. However, records show that around 10:30 p.m., when Vipin claimed to have fallen asleep, Sona was active on her mobile phone. Notably, none of the witnesses reported any apparent problems between the couple. The couple had celebrated their marriage with great fanfare, and Sona had complained of stomach pain the day before her death, according to her family.

Vipin’s Relatives Claim

Vipin and his relatives claim that when Vipin woke up at 11 p.m., he discovered Sona hanging. At midnight, Vipin informed Sona’s mother about her death. Subsequently, Sona’s body was taken to a private hospital by her relatives in Kattakkada and then to a medical college. Vipin and his relative Anujan Shibin, belonging to different communities, accompanied Sona’s body to the hospital. Sona was working at a document writing firm in Kattakkada prior to her marriage.

Vipin, who works as an auto-rickshaw driver, was apprehended at his residence in Kallamam Kallarakuzhi. The arrest of Vipin has shed new light on this tragic case, highlighting the importance of thorough investigations into cases involving domestic violence and potential foul play within intimate relationships.

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