Tragic Love Story Ends in Infant’s Murder

Behind the veneer of love and work, a chilling tale of domestic strife unfolds, culminating in the tragic death of baby Shikhanya

Shornur: Police have confirmed via WhatsApp message that the 11-month-old girl Shikhanya, who was brought dead to the hospital, was indeed murdered. Police apprehended the baby’s mother, Shilpa (29), in Kanjiram Kaniyampat, Kottayam. Following the murder, Shilpa arrived in Shornur with the deceased body in a rented car. She is seeking the young man she previously resided with. A crucial piece of evidence leading to Shilpa’s confession was the message. Her morning message to the man informing him about the crime.

Investigation and Confession

The incident occurred at a rented house in Mavelikara on Saturday morning. Although doctors found no significant injuries on the baby’s body, they determined through an internal examination and post-mortem that suffocation caused the death. Shilpa admitted to the murder, citing the child as a hindrance to her employment.

Collaborating Evidence

At around half-past nine on Saturday morning, Shilpa caused a scene at the Shornur theatre, where the young man is employed, by placing the baby on the ground. Upon contacting the police, they advised her to seek medical help. However, authorities discovered that the baby had succumbed hours earlier. The woman’s inconsistent statements puzzled the authorities, but she eventually confessed to the crime. Confirmation of the murder came after receiving the scientific examination report of the internal organs, in addition to the incriminating message.

Police apprehended Shilpa at a rented house within the Mavelikkara Fort, where they collected evidence. Police revealed Shilpa had been residing in the house, rented by a native of Kottarakkara, for the past two weeks. Upon reaching the residence, they found the tenant’s phone switched off, leaving the door ajar. A friend named Ajmal disclosed that Shilpa had sent him several texts mentioning her intentions to harm the child, including the final message confirming the act. Unfortunately, he did not take the messages seriously.

Interrogation and Admission

During interrogation, Shilpa confessed to suffocating the baby. She and Ajmal had lived together for two years but separated for six months. Ajmal, employed at a movie theatre, informed authorities that Shilpa was a habitual substance user.

Following their estrangement, Shilpa attempted to hand the baby to Ajmal, leading to frequent disputes over the child. On Friday morning, Shilpa arrived at the theatre, revealing that the baby was deceased and hidden. Staff members witnessed the incident and promptly alerted the police. Initially, authorities categorized it as an unnatural death due to injuries to the ears and hands. Still, after a three-day investigation, the case was officially confirmed as murder.

The community is in shock and despair over the murder of 11-month-old Shikhanya. The horrific facts of her tragic demise came to light through a sequence of incidents and inquiries. This incident highlights the grave effects of domestic unrest. This heartbreaking tragedy serves as a sharp reminder of the frailty of life. It presses the need for help and intervention in familial hardship as officials continue to put together the circumstances surrounding it. Shikhanya’s memory will endure as a moving reminder of how crucial compassion and attentiveness are to protecting those most in need of protection.

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