Tragic Loss of Ananthu’s Life: Adani’s Reckless Truck Shattered a Family’s Dream

A Heartbreaking Tale of Aspiration, Sacrifice, and Corporate Negligence

Thiruvananthapuram: The involvement of a tipper truck in Ananthu’s tragic death in Vizhinjam is undeniable, with reports indicating it was en route to Adani port, carrying an illegal load of gravel. The cargo, comprising black stones, was destined for the port. Regrettably, Ananthu lost his life when one of these stones fell from the overloaded truck, which had arrived unlawfully in Vizhinjam. Despite this, Adani Port has absolved itself of any responsibility. It is showing zero concern for accidents within its project area while disregarding the anguish of residents. Adani Ports has taken a firm stance, stating it will not offer compensation to Ananthu’s family.

Community in Mourning

The passing of BDS student Ananthu B. Ajikumar (26) has left the community of Vizhinjam Mukola in mourning. Ananthu, the son of Ajikumar and P.S. Bindu met his untimely demise when a stone fell from a truck bound for Vizhinjam port. His body was laid to rest amidst tears, with his classmates from NIIMS College accompanying his final journey by adorning him in a doctor’s coat. Despite the palpable grief within the community, Adani remained unmoved by the tragedy.

Despite being among the wealthiest individuals globally, witnessing the shattered dreams of Ananthu, who aspired to become a doctor, devastated his family and relatives. Furthermore, the project has exacerbated the illegal movement of tipper lorries in the area, adding to the family’s suffering. In a hollow statement, Sivankutty suggested that Adani would compensate, yet Adani Port has maintained silence.

Family Grief and Resilience

Ananthu’s body arrived home at 9:30 am after a public viewing at NIIMS College. His sister, a postgraduate student in Palakkad, returned home on Tuesday night. At the same time, his father, Ajikumar, who works in Muscat, arrived the following morning. The loss is immeasurable for Ajikumar, who toiled in the Gulf to secure his son’s education. He had hoped his efforts would culminate in Ananthu’s dream of becoming a doctor, symbolized by the “doctor” signboard erected outside their home. Tragically, fate had other plans.

The last conversation between Ananthu and his father, Ajikumar, transpired on Monday night via video call. Ajikumar, suffering from high blood pressure, was reassured about his treatment in the Gulf and plans for a visit to Mukambika.. Little did they know it would be their final exchange. When news of the accident shattered their world the following day.

“Ananthu’s aspiration to pursue medicine stemmed from witnessing his mother’s battle with heart disease. Despite facing setbacks, including having to retake entrance exams, he was elated to secure a BDS seat in a college close to home, allowing him to tend to his mother’s needs. Ananthu leaves behind numerous unfulfilled aspirations,” lamented Ajikumar.

Father’s Plea

Ajikumar, who was preparing to return home due to health reasons, now finds himself grappling with the aftermath of his son’s death. While consultation with relatives is underway, there is no room for negotiation. His sole plea to Adani Port is to halt the illegal movement of tipper lorries in the area, sparing others from the anguish his family endures.

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