Tragic Act of Desperation: Mother Drowns Child in Kerala

Details Emerge as Mother Confesses to Heartbreaking Infanticide Case"

Malappuram: A horrific infanticide case has emerged in Malappuram, Kerala. A 3-day-old infant was drowned in the water and buried by the mother, Jumailath. The body was recovered on Thursday from under a coconut tree in Jumailath’s backyard.

Confession and Exhumation

Tirur Tehsildar, Tanur DySP, forensic experts, and the accused’s mother were present during the exhumation. Earlier, Jumailath had confessed to the crime during police interrogation. She then accompanied officials to the burial spot and recounted the gruesome details.

As per her statement, Jumailath filled a bucket with water and drowned her newborn child in it. Fearing shame, she decided to kill the baby. After the drowning, the body was buried in the yard.

Jumailath revealed she had been estranged from her husband for a year. Tirur Tehsildar S. Sheeja, Tanur DySP V.V. Benny and police coordinated the exhumation and transfer of the remains to Kozhikode Medical College for autopsy. The 29-year-old lady, originally from Tanur Pariapuram, gave birth on February 26th at Kozhikode Medical College. After the delivery of her fourth child, she returned home with the baby.

Police took Jumailath into custody for questioning based on confidential information she had killed the 3-day-old. Under interrogation, she admitted to the burial and guided officials to the precise location in her backyard. Her arrest for infanticide and destroying evidence was subsequently recorded.

Investigation and Arrest

Preliminary investigations suggest the crime occurred whenJumailath’s mother briefly left her alone with the newborn. While the mother slept, Jumailath drowned and buried the infant, as per her statements.

The shocking case has left locals in Ottumpuram shaken. Police are continuing investigations while awaiting the autopsy report. Prosecution for infanticide and related charges is expected once forensic procedures are complete.

The disturbing infanticide case in Malappuram has shocked Kerala’s conscience. That a mother could drown her 3-day-old child is unconscionable. While postpartum depression and other factors may be considered during the trial, the crime remains horrific.

As investigations continue, the focus must extend beyond punishment to prevention. Local health services must reflect on how new mothers like Jumailam slip through the cracks in care and support systems. Proactive counselling and outreach help identify and assist vulnerable women before they contemplate such extreme acts.

Simultaneously, awareness programs are needed to reshape societal attitudes that breed stigma against unwed mothers. No mother should feel killing her child is better than facing shame. Even as this case concludes with justice, Kerala must undertake deep reforms to foster a more empathetic environment for struggling mothers. One innocent life lost is already too many. But many more can still be saved.

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