Tragedy Unveiled: Teen Suicide in Badiyatukka Amid Social Media Harassment

The Disturbing Reality of Online Relationships and Its Impact on Youth Lives

Kasaragod:  A 16-year teen suicide in Badiyadukka was reported due to her boyfriend’s constant abuse on social media. The girl ended her life by consuming rat poison. The young man was arrested under POCSO charges. The incident indicated that social media’s influence on youth’s lives arose. The incident sheds light on the darker side of social media connections. It emphasizes the need for caution and awareness in online interactions.

Key Points:

  • A 16-year-old girl took her life in Badiyatukka, allegedly due to continuous harassment from her boyfriend, Anwar.
  • The tragic incident unfolded after the girl withdrew from the relationship.
  • The incident sheds light on the darker side of social media relationships.

The young girl, a 10th-grade student, succumbed to the effects of consuming rat poison while under treatment in a private hospital in Bengaluru. Her death statement, pointing towards constant threats from her boyfriend Anwar, became the basis for the police investigation. Earlier, authorities apprehended Anwar, a 24-year-old native of Mogral Kottakunn, under POCSO sections after he was on the run and caught in Bengaluru.

The disturbing saga began when the girl’s family discovered her relationship with Anwar, leading her to back out. Despite her withdrawal, Anwar persistently harassed her, going to the extent of threatening her father. The situation escalated when Anwar intercepted the girl on her way home from school, issuing a dire ultimatum.

When the terrified girl got home, she ate poison because she was so terrified of the threats. She unfortunately died in a private hospital in Bengaluru despite efforts to save her. The darker side of social media interactions, particularly when faced with resistance and abuse, was brought to light by Anwar’s arrest and the subsequent police inquiry.

The death of a sixteen-year-old girl serves as a reminder of the risks associated with social media by underage children. This teen suicide in Badiyatukka addresses the necessity of exercising greater caution in children’s social media activities. In this instance, the arrests serve as a sad reminder of the real-world repercussions that can result from unrestrained threats and harassment in the Internet age. This tragedy has prompted communities to focus on who handles the complexity of online and offline relationships as they work through it.

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