Tragedy in Mananthavadi: Fatal Elephant Attack Shocks Community

A Devastating Incident Highlights Wildlife Encounters in Wayanad

Mananthavadi: In a devastating incident in Wayanad, a wild elephant fitted with a radio collar entered a residential area and launched a vicious Wild Elephant Attack on a young taxi driver, Aji (42). The harrowing incident occurred around 7:30 in the morning at Mananthavadi Chaligadda Panachi, sending shockwaves through the community.

Elephant’s Rampage

The elephant, fitted with a Karnataka radio collar, has roamed Wayanad’s forests and populated regions for four days. The elephant entered the inhabited area despite the Kerala Forest Department’s vigilance. And resulting in the death of the young man.

Protests and Accountability

Adding to the distress, the same elephant breached the wall of another resident’s house in Muttankara Matam, remaining perilously close to residential quarters. Locals are voicing strong protests in the area. They are outraged by the attack perpetrated by an elephant from Karnataka equipped with a radio collar.

Aji’s lifeless body now rests at Mananthavadi Medical College Hospital. At the same time, the local people gather in protest, highlighting the lapses of the forest department in preventing such tragedies.

Elephant Monitoring & Response

The elephant’s movements were monitored in the early morning through its radio collar, indicating its presence in the village area. Forest guards swiftly responded, guiding the elephant towards Chaligadda, near the forest. However, tragedy struck when Aji, attempting to summon workers to the farm, encountered the elephant. Despite his efforts to seek refuge in a neighbouring house, the relentless animal broke through the gate, launching a fatal attack. CCTV footage of the chilling incident has surfaced, further emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

The previous day, the Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) announced the release of another wild elephant in the Bandipur forest area alongside Tannirkomban in Wayanad. Meanwhile, the Kerala Forest Department’s attempts to procure the antenna and receiver of the radio collar from Karnataka have been met with obstacles. Karnataka authorities only provided a user ID and password for internet tracking. This often results in delayed signals that are glaring issues in monitoring and preventing such tragic encounters.

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