The Tragic End of Siddhartha: A Story of Brutality and Betrayal

From Lethal Kicks to Desperate Thirst: Unraveling the Horrors of Sinjo Johnson's Alleged Role in Pookode's Swamp

Kalpatta: Sinjo’s leading role in the murder of Siddharth came to the limelight; a student at Pookode Veterinary College was brutally beaten to death by SFI comrades in college. Sinjo Johnson, the main accused in the case, has the leading role in the humiliation. Sinjo Johnson, a karate black belt holder, applied his karate skills to Siddharth at their best.

Details of the Incident

It is also evident from the post-mortem report that Siddharthan, a student of Pookod Veterinary College, died when Kannilla was brutalized. It was Sinjo who kicked Siddharth down and used his thumb on his stomach during the mob trial. Due to all this, Siddharth reached a state where he could not even eat. Sinjo was the one who was beaten many times and forced to be beaten by others.

When that was not enough, Siddharth’s throat was pressed with his fingers. Due to this, the students told the police that even after giving Siddharth water, he was unable to get down. When the destitute Siddhartha asked for water, they gave it to him, but to no avail. Finally, the student whom his classmates brutalized died of hunger and thirst.

Allegations and Demands

Sinjo plans to hold a mob trial in Siddharth. He threatened the others, saying that they would lose their heads if they disclosed the incident. That is why the police made Sinjo the main suspect. Kasinathan is second in cruelty. Kashinathan was the one who got hit with the belt more times. He treated Siddharth as if he had lost his mind.

Meanwhile, Vythiri Panchayat member and Congress leader N.J. revealed that the students told him that Siddharth was killed and hanged. Police will record Jyotish Kumar’s statement. Jyotish Kumar told a news channel that after Siddharth was killed and hanged, two SFI men entered and locked the door, and five men from outside kicked in the door. The statement is being made in a situation where it is doubtful whether it is a murder.

Both have stated to the police against the girl. Investigating officer DYSP PN Sajeev and his team came to take the statement. The parents issued their statement before them. Siddharth’s father demanded an investigation against Akshay, a student named in the report of the Anti-Ragging Cell in the case. Congress alleges that Akshay is the nineteenth person in the case. It was also alleged that MM Mani was protecting him as the son of a planter in Munnar. Youth Congress leader Abin Varki, among others, raised the allegation.

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