The Tragic Case of Dr. Ruwais and Shahna: A Tale of Love, Wealth, and Dowry Demands

A detailed account of the events leading to the tragic suicide of young doctor Shahna and the investigation into the role of Dr. Ruwais and his family in the case.

In the heart of Kollam, Dr EA Ruwais, arrested in connection with the tragic suicide of young doctor Shahna, is entangled in a complex web of family and financial dynamics. Let’s delve into the details.

Family’s Wealth Raises Questions

Ruwais’s family, residing in Kozhikode near Karunagapalli, Kollam is reportedly affluent, with assets amounting to crores. Disputes over properties between Ruwais’s father, Abdul Rasheed, and his brother are known to locals, leading to the construction of a high wall to conceal the neighbouring house.

Father’s Absence and Ongoing Investigations

Amid the unfolding events, Dr. Ruwais’s father, Abdul Rasheed, is missing. The special investigation team probing the case sought to question him, but he was nowhere to be found. The police are actively pursuing his whereabouts, intending to take him into custody for interrogation. Simultaneously, statements from Shahna and Ruwais’s friends are being recorded by the medical college police.

Dowry Demands and Family Dynamics

Shockingly, Ruwais has admitted that his father, Abdul Rasheed, requested a dowry. Despite the family’s considerable wealth, questions arise about their insistence on dowry. Locals express astonishment that a family with substantial assets would demand a dowry of Rs 20 crores, as alleged by Shahna’s brother. Ruwais supposedly sought 150 pawan, 15 acres of land, and a BMW car, making the marriage untenable for Shahna.

Love, Dowry, and Tragic End

The relationship between Ruwais and Shahna spanned over two years, marked by love and aspirations. However, a significant hurdle emerged when Ruwais insisted on the exorbitant dowry demands, leading to Shahna’s mental breakdown. Unable to meet the demanded dowry, the marriage collapsed, culminating in Shahna’s devastating decision to end her own life. Ruwais was taken into custody from his residence in connection with this heart-wrenching incident.

Academic Brilliance and Activism

Before this grim episode, Ruwais showcased academic brilliance, securing admission to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College for MBBS with a remarkable rank of 76. He later attained the 2250th rank in the PG entrance exam. Active in student protests and associated with the SFI, Ruwais held the position of president of the PG Doctors Association. These facets of his life add complexity to an already intricate narrative.

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