The Swift Tragedy: Mujeeb’s Ten-Minute Terror in the Anu Murder Case

Inside Mujeeb Rahman's Path of Destruction and His Disturbing Criminal Connections

Kozhikode: It has become evident that Mujeeb Rahman brutally murdered the young woman Anu in Perampra, is a hardened criminal. The swiftness with which he carried out this heinous act underscores his depravity. In broad daylight amidst a residential area, Mujeeb killed Anu. Disturbingly, he had roamed the vicinity several times before the murder, as evidenced by the police.

The Chilling Murder and Escape

On the day of the incident, Mujeeb had repeatedly passed through the very road where the murder occurred. Authorities believe his initial intent was theft. However, when the unsuspecting Anu crossed his path, the predator within Mujeeb awakened. It is speculated that he had been scouting the area for potential targets of theft or extortion, which led him to the deserted side road.

The accused, traveling from Mattannur to Malappuram on a stolen motorcycle, veered off the main road onto the secluded Muliyamlan-Valur Ambalam route, unsuitable for large vehicles. This was after 9 AM. There, he encountered the young woman hurriedly walking by. Within a mere 10 minutes, the accused had lured Anu onto the bike. Then after robbed her jewellery, killed her, and disposed of her body in a stream.

After the gruesome act, Mujeeb donned a helmet and headed towards Edavannapara by 10 AM, never once removing it en route. The parolee, recently released from jail in January 2022 for theft, has a penchant for solitary criminal exploits. His modus operandi and CCTV footage aided the police in tracking him down via his mobile phone upon reaching Malappuram.

Shocking Criminal History

Shockingly, Mujeeb Rahman is the prime accused in the controversial 2020 Mutheri rape case. In this case, an older woman was abducted in a stolen auto, bound, sexually assaulted, and robbed while en route to work in Mutheri, Kozhikode. His association with the notorious auto thief Veerappan Rahim further underscores his criminal history.

The Mutheri case, with its striking similarities to Anu’s murder, enabled the police to establish a connection quickly and ultimately led to Mujeeb’s arrest. While authorities were already aware of his extensive criminal record, recent revelations paint a more sinister picture – that of a remorseless, hardened criminal unfit for society.

Mujeeb was mentored by Veerappan Rahim, an infamous figure accused of numerous vehicle theft cases in Malappuram for years. Eventually, Mujeeb parted ways and began stealing cars independently. Despite his prolific criminal activities, he has been convicted in only a handful of cases.

In a startling turn of events, Mujeeb, who was arrested in the Mutheri case, escaped from the Westhill Covid First Treatment Center but was later apprehended in Koothuparam. Tragically, Anu’s murder was committed while he was out on bail after a year and a half. This is a grim reminder of the urgent need for stricter regulations to protect society from such dangerous individuals.

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