The Hunt for Veena: SFIO Investigation Intensifies

Central Intelligence Agency Scours Thiruvananthapuram Amidst Legal Setback for Exalogic

Thiruvananthapuram: After dismissing the Exalogic plea by the Karnataka High Court and flagging SFIO to continue its investigation, the location of Veena Vijayan is being intensively searched for by the Central Intelligence Agency. This swift action underscores the gravity of the situation, especially considering Veena’s alleged business ties in Canada, a concern amplified by the court’s decision. With SFIO now poised to issue a notice to Veena for questioning. The Hunt for Veena in residence has intensified, with a detailed verdict expected tomorrow.

Residence Under Scrutiny

In Thiruvananthapuram, Chief Minister Vijayan resides in Cliff House. In contrast, his son-in-law, PM Muhammad Riaz, resides in Pampa, both within the Cliff House complex. It is speculated that Veena may be living in either of these locations. Additionally, the Chief Minister maintains residence in a flat for party leaders near the AKG Centre. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) closely monitors these properties amidst the ongoing investigation. At the same time, it’s believed that Veena has not left the country. Surveillance extends to properties associated with the Pinarayi family in Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.

Assessment of Evidence

Meanwhile, Arun Prasad of the SFIO is meticulously assessing evidence gathered from entities like KSIDC and CMRL. While KSIDC provided no significant leads, evidence from CMRL has unveiled startling revelations, adding complexity to the ongoing investigation into Exalogic’s dealings. With Veena Vijayan’s involvement in question, the Karnataka High Court’s verdict has cleared a legal hurdle. She is making it imperative to ascertain her whereabouts for further interrogation.

Legal Setback

In a setback for Exalogic, the Karnataka High Court rejected Veena’s petition challenging SFIO’s investigation into the CMRL-related Masapadi case. Upholding SFIO’s authority, the court’s decision allows the investigation to proceed unhindered. Despite Exalogic’s objections regarding parallel investigations, citing irregular transactions, the court affirmed SFIO’s jurisdiction, further complicating the legal landscape. As SFIO moves forward with its inquiry, revelations of financial improprieties between CMRL and Exalogic continue to surface. It necessitated Veena’s interrogation and underscored the urgency of the investigation’s completion.

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