Tara Kalyan’s Triumph Over Spasmodic Dysphonia: A Journey to Recovery

Navigating the Challenges of Abnormal Brain Signals and Surgical Success

Kochi: Following the news that actress and dancer Tara Kalyan had lost her voice, “spasmodic dysphonia” has also been discussed on social media. An unusual signal from the brain to the vocal cords can cause this disorder. It feels like someone is holding a firm grasp on your throat. The discomfort caused by the mouth strain may worsen total voice loss, which happened with Tara Kalyan.

Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Options

There is a technique called Botox treatment to overcome spasmodic dysphonia. Surgery is another option. Interestingly, the cause of this disease has not yet been discovered. In any case, indications suggest that Tara Kalyan will not be able to speak again. Her daughter, Saubhagya, said that her mother has completed the surgery and is now resting. It will be difficult for her to speak for another three weeks. After this period, her voice will be rough. Saubhagya clarified that the doctor had specifically instructed her mother not to sing or speak on a high pitch.

“My mother had a voice problem for years. Initially, it was thought to be a thyroid issue, and treatment was given for that. The belief was that the voice problem stemmed from singing while learning dance. But the real disease was only discovered as spasmodic dysphonia recently. My mother was first treated with Botox. After that, she had no voice for three weeks. Then her voice came back. That’s when my grandmother passed away. Saubhagya says the stress during that time caused her mother’s voice to disappear again.

I could not stop talking to those who came to know about my grandmother’s death, and when I strained to speak again, the situation worsened. With that, there was no other option but to undergo surgery,” Saubhagya explains about spasmodic dysphonia. The condition occurs when the brain’s signal to the vocal cords is abnormal. There are three types of this condition.

In Tara Kalyan’s case, she is in the adductor stage of spasmodic dysphonia. The patient feels as if someone is clutching their throat. Speaking in a strained manner will exacerbate the discomfort. Tara Kalyan was in the adductor stage. As the surgery was successful, Tara Kalyan will soon recover from the disease.

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